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So glad to see him back I hope he found out what made him fail the drug test. Oh yeah phuk WADA FIM and AMA

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Ask Anderson

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RJ Bailey Johnny 0 Wardy RC MC . I like epic dominance at des nations. That really helps elevate a rider to Legend status RV is up there on that front FYI Eli has never won at Des Nations

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Make make up to mud stop please !

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Eli May be a tic faster here and there but Roczen can start and his first 2 laps are basically perfect. Then he falters around the 17 minute mark sometimes. Eli starts are a crap shoot at best. Who you put money on if you had to? Me? Kenny

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Just think Kenny passes without contact what a concept. Didn’t like Webb before like him even less now if that’s possible. I hope Kenny puts that half pint on the cheap seats or the whoops are big and he won’t even have to worry about Webb

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He was poised for a title. Webb decided he didn’t need to deal with Roczen anymore just hurt him take him out for the season I hope Roczen comes back for nationals and wins a third championship he owes Webb some love

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Thanks allot

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If you can’t beat em hurt your opponent. Roczen didn’t run over his own leg you fucking twits. I don’t care about aggression I don’t abide hurting another rider. If you love aggro racing I hope if Ken can ride next week he puts the pip squeak Webb in ... more »

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Yeah great job sawing kens leg off. He is hurt holding his knee after he limped two steps And sat down. Great job coop. Such a classy guy.

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Take riding lessons. Set up suspension. Don’t spend a dime trying to make you bike faster. Learn to ride it properly

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He needs to pull a Dungey and the title is his. Be on the box every weekend. He’s all good. His extension isn’t his elbow issue it’s flexibility. He can’t bend his arms enough to button and put on a tie he needs help with that

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I hope the boy gets some good top tens. He deserves it

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He won 8 races last year. Yes he will win more than Eli does. He won’t be as dominant as last yeah but his wins are comming only an idiot would argue with That

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Suzuki got Chad cheap he had burned a lot of bridges so he took out a big insurance policy on himself to win the championship he made him self an extra million. Because he’s not very good. At not trashing his team and bike on the mic

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Dudes doing better than last year. You know how fast and in shape you have to be to get 11th and 12ths? Guy transfers straight to main. He will have a few rides near the top five. When the field things out.

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Hey yes it’s funny but for the love of God give them guy some slack at least he’s there putting it on the tv. Pump Mx is having a blast with guy. Yes it’s funny but dang

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This dude isn’t a representation of what a real racer is. Goon yes. Rep no. This rapping thing is pure shite Replacement rider are you serious? This guy needs 5 more guys hurt to make a main.

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Two pipes kept me away from a new Honda for a while. I’m A red rider always will be. Looks like I’ll be buying a 21 if they can drop a few lbs which looks like their goal kudos. Can’t wait. Plus it will be what the 2020 SX champ will ride next year!! ... more »

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Always some a hole atheist has to put his worthless two cents in. Maybe the Good lord spared him life threatening injuries. God doesn’t care if you win or not. There is a God too bad he spends too much time making a holes like you

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