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Just to create drama I'm pretty sure Tomac had already beat the guy you think is number 1 in the world in his element, Aka sand. How do you think that guy would do against Eli in the biggest championship that either a KX450F or the 450 SXF can race? ... more »

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USA were the heavy favorites early in the year and then we lost both of our top two 250 riders and the open rider. Plus a lot of people like me assumed Bagget would be a lot stronger this year. Tomac, Barcia and Plessinger are still probably the team ... more »

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The Honda guys were bitching about forks during most of the 2014 season and when they finally switched Trey won 4 out of the last 6 motos including his 1-1 sweep at the last round and then won two races in the beginning of 2015 SX before getting tangled ... more »

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They have both of these full motos from that year online, easy to find on The track wasn't prepped deep because they thought it was going to rain which made it a high speed track and it was the best overall day of racing all year. When ... more »

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The World champsihip is actually venturing out of Europe a couple more times and people bitch. 16 races this year in Europe for a "gloabal championship" now at least the number will drop slightly. Still there should be GPs in Japan and Australia or New ... more »

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Tomac had race 1 on lock before his bike took a shit out of his hands. His second Moto was his first bad finish of the year in 9th and that was with 2 crashes and a pit stop.

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If he squeaks into the top 10 that's a pretty damn good ride. There were 8 fast guys then a big drop off usually in the first races and now Webb and Bogle will have a another week of prep under them. There are now finally 10 factory bikes racing so if ... more »

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I hope France doesn't pick Marvin. He has been the best French rider for a long time.

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Yeah that was my bad calling LA a shit hole, but every time I was there I couldn't wait to get out. Of course if someone went up 880 instead of 280 in the Bay you would probably that area isn't so pleasent either.

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It also has one of if not the best public school district in the country in Cupertino and most of the Bay has pretty good schools and the private schools are damn good. LA is a shithole though.

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In my eyes the greatest single SX season is 2007 Stewart. What he did to Reed was criminal. 15-1 against him and that one loss against Reed was due to a crash and he lost Atalanta that year due to Reed dive bombing him and he still beat Reed. 13-3 on ... more »

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Bingo and he led 370 out of the 382 laps that season as well and won a Moto by over a minute. Something RC did more than anyone. A healthy Reed and Windham in 2004 is more competiton than what Eli has had so far this year. If Roczen were 100% that would ... more »

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14 out of 15.

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In 03 RC won 15 motos, Windham 6 and Ferry 1 and 9 of the 11 overalls. You could also say from what we saw in 04 and general knowledge of the sport that RC was a four stroke away from at least winning every overall in 2003.

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What a shit deal, he was starting to ride like the 14-15 version of himself. The guy that beat Webb and Musquin for titles and then this happened. Was robbed of a O/A the week before at High Point and now possibly robbed of a third championship. Hope ... more »

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I like it, I enjoy the fact that most AMA tracks are big wide open spectacles that look cool and great on TV but it's a nice change having one a little tighter and dare I say more amateurish in the way it looks. Would not want any more tighter ones on ... more »

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Try and collect points in the first one and go for the win in the second one. I have a feeling these are gonna be some god awful tracks though so who knows how that plays into the mix. Perhaps easier tracks with not as much to separate the riders which ... more »

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Not arguing about depth of field of GPs, don't know where you got that. You might want to check your stats too. Because they are horribly inaccurate. Like I said the AMA series is missing 7 factory riders at the moment so of course that hurts.