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Looks like he extended his contract through 2021. That’s some good news for the day.

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You could argue it’s insulting to compare the last two SX champs preceding Eli to Eli outdoors.

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Um what’s going on here?

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Crashing out of the race like Stew did and not qualifying are rider mistakes, a chain derailment is not a rider fault.

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The dude ripped when he was healthy, he battled with Jonas and Prado a couple years ago and then he had EB. If 100% healthy a top 5‘s are not out of the question.

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Herlings created a bidding war between Honda? and KTM and most likely has the biggest GP contract ever. I’m assuming AC and Gajser have large contracts as well. Overall though and Zac has touched on it Contracts in the states are bigger with more bonus ... more »

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It would be easy explain, this is the series you get paid the most to win. This is the series the dirt bike manufactures and sponsors want you to win the most. After winning a GP title it’s not uncommon to hear an SX question, will you go race the states. ... more »

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I’ve said before I don’t really think he makes a difference outdoors other than mentally. His SX record speaks for itself but 450 outdoors I don’t think you can really tell that much. Of course MX is more natural to everyone so that could be why. IMO ... more »

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Your saying what’s already known, the SX title weather we like it or not is the clear number 1. On the flip side though guys like MC said they had to win an MX title to prove the doubters wrong.

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Tomac is a full blown legend now, he already was outdoors and now with his SX title it’s unarguable now. On a SX/MX list his record dwarfs everyone currently racing including Chad Reed.

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If Kenny and Tomac are running full tilt all year then it would not be inconceivable that they win every race especially with Musquin coming off of an injury. At times last year they were 3-4 seconds a lap faster than everyone else. Of course Mud and ... more »

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The entry list for A1 2014 was pretty ridiculous. Of course Tomac never made the main due to injury and Reed was out fairly early in the season.

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I think it’s justified, especially for it’s day. If you compare them to a new bike of course the new ones are better. You go to 05 let’s say. The difference between the Honda and the Yamaha and KTM was huge. Then Suzuki and Kawi just copied Honda. For ... more »

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I think Ping did a test with the 07 Honda vs a 17 Honda I want to say and everyone was within two seconds a lap and a couple guys were faster on the old one. In a sense it’s amazing to think how little we have come since then. Are the new bikes better, ... more »

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Stew in 06 probably would have it. Seemed like he crashed in every other first turn for weeks. For a season at least I’m assuming it would be his.

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They screw up RCs stats every time, drives me nuts!

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If you want to hate SX, then Martin still racing the 250s should be it. He dominated 250 nationals at times to a degree that Webb, Musquin and Osburne never did just to a name a few and he’s still on a 250.

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It’s something, he can go from being the fastest guy on the track to 10 minutes later being 2-3 seconds off. The talent is there. Will most likely never see pre injury Ken but at least he still gives you moments.

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He’s problem wasn’t the bike, it was concrete starts and having to push the edge to catch up. He was usually the fastest in 99 but was always coming through the pack. At Glen Helen he was able to do it. In 2000 he was doing fine but it was the Mud that ... more »

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1995 Millville, I was kid who didn’t know anything about it. I remember three things. The crowd going nuts twice because the local legend got both holeshots coming out of retirement. My first autograph being the beast from the east and me having a Yamaha ... more »