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Awesome! I’m headed to Arizona in 2 weeks for a similar trip. I’m excited to explore that area of the country.

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What bike? I just received my 4.1. Unfortunately for you I haven't installed it yet to give you a report. Aesthetically though I like the 4.1 carbon tip better.

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I've always worn knee braces for max protection. I don't have knee problems and I would like to keep it that way. My current asterisk braces rub the back of my knee raw every time I ride even with a knee sleeve. I like the price point of these and being ... more »

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When I had my hardware removed I believe they told me 4-6 weeks. You have holes in your bones, give it time.

Started new thread Soft front break 19' KTM 350 9/23/2020 9:05 AM

I'm a little embarrassed I have to ask this question, but here it goes. I came home from vacation and noticed my fork seals were busted and leaked oil on the floor, so off to the shop they went. While my front wheel was off I had a lapse of judgement ... more »

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scratching my head trying to figure out what a "plebs" is...

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Taking a front wheel out at the last round is no longer the last ditch effort.

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Stretch daily and work on your core before giving up Mx. But to answer your question racing/riding mountain bikes has been the closest thing I’ve found. XC or enduro style will give you your fix. If you really want the closest thing buy a long travel ... more »

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Are you saying a new Yamaha is $12,500 OTD?

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Explaining the physical demand of mx is virtually impossible to anyone not involved in the sport. I stopped trying to explain it a long time ago. I let them assume we slam Monsters and their favorite right fielder is in better athletic shape.

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Certain bends can add 3-5hp. What color of power band are you running?

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15 350sxf to now a 19 350sxf. I personally am very happy with the forks maybe because of what I came off of. After I dialed them in, everything tracks straight, great bottom resistance, and no harsh feeling in square edges. Im a fan of the air fork because ... more »

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Where’s the goofy video with the guy wearing a half helmet and it just videos his face.

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OG Walmart price matches along with a lot of other retailers. Do you pay list price on your vehicles?

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I have 6 hours on mine and love it. It is well balanced and corners so good. How is the fitment on those graphics? I was thinking about trying them out. Also, what skid plate is that?

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I bought over the phone this year with a dealer that didn't know me. Walked in, paid the amount negotiated, and walked out with a new bike in about 30 minutes. $7,500 for a leftover'19 KTM 350sxf.

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Actually it doesn’t.

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Tell me more. I have a 19 with 3 hours on it. Coming off the 15 model. The bike is night and day better, but the improvement to the motor didn’t blow me away like I was anticipating.

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Ricky lapping the entire field has to be on that list.

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That’s an orange GasGas