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You forgot Vagisil. Joking aside, I would say the most common is dehydration/loss of minerals combined with not being acclimated to heat. Proper hydration is not achieved same day. I drink lots of fluids, but I struggle with fueling my body. Go to your ... more »

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So you don't need a new bike to have fun?

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How do you know?

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I believe they need age and skill based classes, but once it reaches age 25 or 30 they should take out ages and just do it based on skill. They do have 250/450 A/B/C for my scenario, but they need to exclude the pimple faced kids that scare the working ... more »

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"I am a ME to be clear" Are you telling us which pronoun to use when addressing you?

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This information will be in the medical information bureau and the new company will find the information immediately even if answered "no." If a couple of years have passed with no issues I would recommend applying sooner than later. You will most likely ... more »

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I've been in the industry for 15+ years and I also do seminars at our local medical school. Northwestern Mutual has the best disability contract especially with their medical definition. I also use Guardian and they are great. Guardian is typically cheaper ... more »

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Before this thread I knew I didn't like Donn's interviews, but now I know I just don't like Donn.

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Absolutely 100% yes! If I was attempting to pass Barcia I would have to be willing to die.

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Red flag for me as well! Used parts give me an idea how you rode and maintained it.

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Awesome! I’m headed to Arizona in 2 weeks for a similar trip. I’m excited to explore that area of the country.

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What bike? I just received my 4.1. Unfortunately for you I haven't installed it yet to give you a report. Aesthetically though I like the 4.1 carbon tip better.

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I've always worn knee braces for max protection. I don't have knee problems and I would like to keep it that way. My current asterisk braces rub the back of my knee raw every time I ride even with a knee sleeve. I like the price point of these and being ... more »

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When I had my hardware removed I believe they told me 4-6 weeks. You have holes in your bones, give it time.

Started new thread Soft front break 19' KTM 350 9/23/2020 9:05 AM

I'm a little embarrassed I have to ask this question, but here it goes. I came home from vacation and noticed my fork seals were busted and leaked oil on the floor, so off to the shop they went. While my front wheel was off I had a lapse of judgement ... more »

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scratching my head trying to figure out what a "plebs" is...

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Taking a front wheel out at the last round is no longer the last ditch effort.

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Stretch daily and work on your core before giving up Mx. But to answer your question racing/riding mountain bikes has been the closest thing I’ve found. XC or enduro style will give you your fix. If you really want the closest thing buy a long travel ... more »

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Are you saying a new Yamaha is $12,500 OTD?

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Explaining the physical demand of mx is virtually impossible to anyone not involved in the sport. I stopped trying to explain it a long time ago. I let them assume we slam Monsters and their favorite right fielder is in better athletic shape.