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Donna now owns both series, so running them in competition with each other is just plain dumb. WSBK needs (a minimum of) three things.... 1. Running in the MotoGP off season. Who hasn't wanted to see some live racing over the winter? 2. Running at tracks ... more »

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A few in Spanish

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Don't be surprised if Johan cracks, nor Maverick, they both have history in 125's. Johan got so demoralised at regularly being passed on the drag to the flag that he sat up and gestured to his team when he'd all but won a race and was passed by the well ... more »

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A bold bird!
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I think you're confusing Miguel with his dad Yvon.

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in the BT Sport coverage they had an interview with Moto2 leader, and next year Pramac MotoGP rider Pecco Bagnia. And afterward it was mentioned that he'd told them that Pramac had offered him a place for 2018 which HE declined, (obviously), the question ... more »

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Shooting first and asking questions later has been happening for a LONG time. It's only a 'problem' when one of your own is the victim. In the past, on this forum, people have queued up to justify virtually all the contentious police shootings, inventing ... more »

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I've always loved that film and chase but watching that just then I couldn't help but wonder if a car that could actually go around corners wouldn't have just left the mustang for dead. Cars, and things in general, move on and both of those really were

... more »
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So there we go.... The line should now be forming to apologize to to Thomas. Too many people here (and elsewhere) passing judgement without (any of) the facts.

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I feel sorry for the husband, I feel sorry for the trooper(s). but most of all I feel sorry for her, she clearly has problems. I also worried, when she was asking for her bag, that she had her 2nd amendment equipment in there. Would you be happy sharing ... more »

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If you can go over to your V.P, and talk to him, then do . Tell him what your ambition is and ask him whether he recommends you getting the qualification first. it'll be a win-win for you. If he does, then do it, if not you'll have saved time (most companies ... more »

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Those enclosed cockpit designs/pic's must be pretty old . How long is it since fag packet cars were banned??? Plus, Damon Hill's helmet in the "Williams"? and Senna's in the "Maclaren"?

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Ha! You'll probably get ignored but you're 100% right. Experience is king and people trading on qualifications tend not to have it. IT is a small world and word gets around about good people and they will NEVER be out of work (or poor). I spent 30+ years ... more »

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Over 200 years of life standing proud in my garden yesterday morning.

Monkeys with chainsaws at work...... The sad results this afternoon Remnants (and Bob). ... more »
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I didn't want to create a new thread so I've put this really cool ad in the thread where ANYTHING seems to go these days!

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I'm not so sure Zarco's softs wouldn't have lasted, Dovi's almost did even with the Ducati power going through them. A good start to the season. Only a fool would write Lorenzo off after just one race but Dovi must be feeling good right now. Wall anyone? ... more »

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Wow, more than I expected

Still, two things, First (quoting from your own link)...... "The Metropolitan Police recorded 109 homicides in London in 2016 - a 9% decrease on 2015 figures". Second, London's a BIG city, have you got figures for ... more »