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We use goal zero generators and the Mr heater mentioned above.

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Im headed up there for a ride trip tomorrow. A buddy sent us this last week, great video to see before heading up.....LoL

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Not saying it wouldn't work for riding but OnX is used a lot in the hunting world. Actually might work really well to find trails.

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Had my truck stolen a month ago in ft worth, I did recover it although the cops weren't much help. Im in the HEB area and will keep a lookout in all my off road groups.

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Thank god the wait is over, its brutal from last race till winter testing.... And then you have to wait a bit more for an actual race. Like waiting for Supercross to end and get to the real deal outdoors.

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Also, when did SX and MX become two different sports? Maybe two different disciplines but def not two separate sports. Even the enduro/cross country argument is dumb and you should be able to see that. Key word SHOULD.

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So you think SX in 1989 would compare to now? How much more effort is put into it from all sides? How many rounds of it they do etc? I think it probably did help them in the past, but now it’s what they do 70 percent of the time. So to break this down ... more »

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I said the same in another thread. US got smashed and there is no doubt about it but to say US mx/sx is irrelevant is hilarious. Even if you make the argument that MXGP guys are now better that doesn’t make US scene nothing. If you are French, Dutch, ... more »

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Herlings put on a clinic. I do love all the brits, Fins etc. acting like they get to claim his win as there own. I know it always appears as USA vs the world but i see it differently. Each countries results are there own, including ours which was abysmal. ... more »

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I still can't figure out what age has to do with any of this conversation?

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I wish things didn't get clipped unless its insanely outta hand. I don't post much but I stay up to date, Ive def noticed if guyb wants it clipped its getting clipped. It makes me mad sometimes as well, but guys try to fight it and they never win. Until ... more »

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It was obviously an accident, but I can't believe some think the connection is that crazy. It is literally what happened, Zacho took Savatgy out and it just so happens to be Savatgy that ended his hopes of 4 straight.

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Mav saves the day and now everyone can calm down lol. I wonder what the weight differential is between the young kid who won and RV2. 125 only has so much in the tank.

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Not saying Dungey isn’t mentally tough but JLaw broke him down and took a title from him. And i assume we all know dungey was the better rider. I agree with your other points as well. JLaw also got under RVs skin as well.

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Ive been wondering the same.... With no transparency and all the hate going the FIM's way, even if the B sample was clean I have a feeling it wouldn't come back that way.... And as we have seen in this process and others, nothing anyone could do about ... more »

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That’s what I’ve been thinking about while reading all these stellar posts from vitals finest. He was as inside as you can be. Then it made me think, even if you are hugging the inside tough blocks but get taken out, is that still leaving the door open? ... more »

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Blair and the cuss word thing, joke or not is getting annoying. Also reading the comments below the presser i wish i knew what vital member comments as Wang Chung on RacerX!

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Exactly how i assumed most would take him declining to go after the initial hurt wears off. I get that feeling. Any year Villo or Dunge or any top guy didn't go because of injury or personal decision i would feel that. It def sucks when you know the ... more »

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To me the olympics is a totally different story. For a lot of those athletes the olympics are the only time they are in the limelight. How often do you watch swimming throughout the year? Or shot put, fencing etc? In MX there are tons of events throughout ... more »

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