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Anyone have a good engine guy they use to do their head work on the 2019 YZ250F? I'm building up a 270 cc bigbore one and want to have the had ported. I used to use Ron Hamp but sadly he's no longer with us. So, looking for someone that really knows ... more »

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I purchased one of the Luxon/ N2 dirt KTM knuckles. They were very helpful and even gave me a starting point for the rebound shim stack. Which saved me a ton of time! I would certainly do business with them again.

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You folks at Luxon are doing some nice work. Keep building up the product portfolio, crow about it and good things will happen.

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In my opinion, and that's all it is, Reed could have simply said "I can't sign that, sorry. But let me tell you why"... That's it. Explain the position to keep a rejected fan from spinning it. Here is why I can't or won't.... Heck, he may have even done ... more »

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I plan on doing one of these (2019) BigBore kits this year. Who do you folks like for mild porting and ecu remaps on the BB'?

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The luxon link is quite a bit different in dim's... here it is compared to the stock 350 XCF (2016) link.
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13/50 on 2016 350XCF. Like it a lot better than the 14/50 combo. Lots of hills in my fav riding area.

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Revalving suspension is easy once you know the basics.... But it can take a few intervals to get you where you want to be. Suspension is very personal. There is no one size fits all.

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The Alta chassis engineer that worked with Dave Arnold lives down the street from me. He works at Apple now.

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This above is the order it should be done in. Spring rates are most critical. It can take a bike you hate and make it one you love. It's that important.

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The top picture.. I'm thinking Reed is saying "you want to smoke a joint?" ... And Stew is laughing saying "yea, that would be cool".. then Reed says "Dude, I'm kidding... I can't smoke a joint right now... I have a race tonight". But that's just me... ... more »

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I believe it's the 14 and 15's that had crank issues... and the 16 got an updated crank/rod. I could be wrong though. If I'm right the crank in that 16 is a very good unit.

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No info on the motor..... sadly

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I think that was beautiful. Anderson said "I love you" to Brayton. Brayton said "I love you MORE...much more".

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This is a man in touch with his true feelings!

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Just pick up a used one on ebay... cheap... then swap out your jets and the needle.

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These segments are really really good. Keep it up JS!

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The smile ending massages are known to reduce inflammation.

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Stock KTM linkage rate is kinda goofy on the 350 (2016 XCF). It's stiff initially and I had to valve the shock light to get it to work on small bumps... then it would blow through the travel on bigger hits. Which I kept trying to fix with valving. I ... more »

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Looks like that first post isn't live anymore. Need more details. If there were promises made by a mfg and the machine couldn't deliver, and the mfg tried to help...... might be time for the right attorney. And I hate to say that... but most give mfg ... more »