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I had one years ago, it was much cheaper than stock, but didn't fit well. Actually took it back because it seemed like it was slightly bent, got another one and still had to force it into place.

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This is the only one that I've tried that has fit so far, you have to wear it over your jersey (shoulder pads come off):

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I'll second that. I really like the EVS ones. Comfortable and vent much better than typical moto socks.

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Maybe Peick?

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$5,250 or best?

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Worked for me. Unfortunately missed most of 450's. At least I'll get to see 250's. Thank You.

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Same here.

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My TV provider is showing cycling on NBC Sports and doesn't show up in the sign in area on the stream. Its getting cancelled tomorrow. Any other way to watch?

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TM MX 300 For Sale in excellent condition. Recently rebuilt from bottom up by mechanic with 20+ years experience. Engine had 25-30 hours on it before the rebuild. Suspension has Zero Hours on it - never hit the track at all (used 1 set that was set up

... more »

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I ate crap in one of these troy lee ones today - over the bars, other than having the wind knocked out of me and a few scrapes (right forearm and leg) I came out surprisingly uninjured..

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I agree, I really want to build an "ultimate" '11 for myself, I haven't really seen one anywhere close to me worth buying though.

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It was 4 on my way into work this morning.

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I went to grand rapids and really enjoyed the bracket races - especially the close ones. I enjoyed the whole show quite a bit, it actually seemed too short.

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I did everything you have done so far on my '11 350 (used local suspension shop is only difference), I put a Loudmouth intake on and it made a big difference in bottom/mid. Bike still was a revver though..

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I'm glad other people are noticing this too... I love these shows (the moto, driven to ride, REvival, etc..). They could definitely be used to grow the mx/sx fan base. We actually wrote a story about this when season 4 of The Moto started showing ... more »

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I put one in an 08 YZ 250f I had - I wasn't super impressed by the power gains, but it did give the bike a lot of bottom end... It was either wiseco or hot rods, which made me nervous about the quality, you hear so many mixed reviews on their cranks. ... more »

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I've been thinking of / working on (a very small amount) something just like this

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I actually wrote an article that will help you out just yesterday:

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Still in pieces in barn, took me awhile to actually take it apart & get the bottom end somewhere to get fixed.

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From my experience Gopher Dunes is bottomless sand and much gnarlier than Baja or Polka Dots - they don't even compare. I think Gopher dunes gets harder to ride than Bulldogs because of the jumps and higher speeds. How rutted out the jumps get at Gopher ... more »