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I recently bought a 2018 GasGas 300XC. I’ve owned a Beta 300RR as well. Hands down the GasGas is the better bike IMO. It rides incredibly well for an enduro bike, I actually spend most of my time at the track with it and it is an absolute blast. I’m ... more »

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Just an iPhone pic but he was definitely having fun out there. He was getting a lot of cheers every lap. Not sure what happened but he started rolling everything later in the moto
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Pats acres may not be groomed to perfection, but that’s what I like about it. Every time I’ve been there I get in more seat time than anywhere else. Sure; it’s not the most dialed in track , but it certainly is challenging. The lack of flaggers and classes ... more »

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While I have been a fan of RC4 my entire life, I’ll admit the commentary has been lacking at times. Why don’t they hire someone to sit in either before hand or live, to feed into the live stream the things we all want to hear about?

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Maybe a little different from the usual smoker threads on Vital but I know we can all appreciate a good 2 stroke. 2018 GasGas 300 XC. Rode almost all day on this thing and it just flat rips, not sure there are many GasGas owners on here but ... more »

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If any of you guys with private tracks are open to me coming to ride I would love to. I’m happy to help with track care and prep, I’ve got quite a bit of experience running equipment as well. PM is good or just reply here. Thanks!

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Congrats Jeffro! Depending on weather tomorrow I’ll either be racing down at Territorial or I’ll be up in Canby at the Pats Acres track. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a ton of fun and never crowded!

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These are some of the best I’ve seen, thanks!

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Hey guys, tried searching but didn’t find much. I’d like to get some ideas on color combos for Kawi graphics and plastics. I’ve got a 2019 KX450 and in the next few months I’ll be tearing it down and freshening it up. Would love to get some pictures ... more »

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I was thinking maybe Saturday night?

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Haven’t seen a thread like this yet. I know a lot of us are flying in for this even and think it would be cool to meet up with some Vital members if possible. Thoughts?

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Interested, shoot me a text 541-971-8555

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I’d be interested in a car pass as well if anyone has one?

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With the stock map plug in the bike it was a handful at the track for me at first, I threw in the mellow (black) plug and haven’t looked back. It just gives the bike so much usable power that doesn’t rip your arms off with every crack of the throttle. ... more »

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It’s like I’ve fallen in love with riding all over again!

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I’ll be at Albany this weekend, thinking Mountain View or might try the new track at pats acres the following weekend

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Hey Jeffro! You get to throw your leg over one yet?

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I’m not saying that doesn’t make a difference, trust me nothing but whole unprocessed foods in our family (95%) of the time. It just seems like he may be restricting caloric intake on those guys more than necassary. They just look gaunt

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I know that Aldon is “proven” because he’s provided championship results to his athletes but it’s important the note that draining guys like he does doesn’t seem like a long term solution. He’s still stuck on this whole clean eating thing which is pretty ... more »