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Peacock is showing my browser isn't supported. Worked fine last week and I have the current browser version. Anyone else having a similar issue?

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Back in the days of MotoTalk, I drew mine to use for an avatar. A few others wanted one for themselves and I made one for that 500Guy. He wanted some stickers made and asked me to send it to Ron Joynt at DeCal Works. Long story short, one thing led to ... more »

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Oddly enough, this thread makes me miss working on dirt bikes.

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A Triple Crown event and bumped for ice skating..... They really want us to buy the Gold package. F*** that.

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I got an email today saying I won a 2nd place prize. Skeptical of a scam but if others are getting them, too...maybe not.

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DeCal Works Garage Sale kits. Made for what you looking for. https://www.decalmx.com/pages/ds3/?groupID=41&presetID=1002&dmxsource=image

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Any soap mix/Windex solution will degrade the adhesive. DeCal Works sells an application kit that works amazingly well. https://www.decalmx.com/pages/product/listing.php?catID=24&dmxsource=desktopMenu Or you can order new plastic with your DeCal ... more »

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DeCal Works can fix you up. A LOT of options and they even have the Polisport restyled plastic. https://www.decalmx.com/categoryListing.php?catID=1494&bikeMakeID=7

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Free is great! Graphic designers are independently wealthy and don't have bills to pay. Giving it away is a great long term plan. I used to design artwork for Dale Earnhardt through a sports marketing company in the early '90s. One day the company tells ... more »

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I snagged a couple of tickets to their show here in Tucson. It was going to be at a bar venue called The Rock on 10/17 and sold out pretty quick. A couple weeks ago they bumped it to 11/1 and the bigger Rialto Theater. Looking forward to it. Couldn't ... more »

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The old Kelvinator in my Dad's glass shop in the '80s. Thousands of long necks passed through that old fridge.

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Hmmm....I didn't get it. I sent you another message. Hopefully it'll work this way.

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Macolmedo, awesome build!! Please let me know if you got my message.

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DeCal Works has them. www.decalmx.com

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DeCal Works is 1 of only 4 authorized KTM licensed graphics suppliers, The other 3 being FX, N-Style and D'Cor. No other decal company can legally print the KTM logo.

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DeCal Works has a Dark Orange and Dark Navy for the '16 KTMs. www.decalmx.com