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Check your PM, JMT.

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We actually had quite a discussion about this on the flight from Morgantown. While it might appear the visor was mounted that way, it was actually broken in Blakes crash and pivoted around that way. The side mounts broke but the center mount stayed entact ... more »

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From the looks of Alessi's crash, I'm wondering if it wasn't mechanically-related. It sure looked like a flame-out situation to me.

Added reply in a thread Sorby and Matthis going at it 5/24/2011 8:19 AM

If the Stewart camp would come forward with some somewhat honest info about James' situation, fans and journalists wouldn't have to speculate so much. It's funny Sorby was the one that confirmed Stewart's arrest on PulpMX when it happened.

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I seem to recall a spectator riding off on it post-crash, no?

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Just for the record, Mom241 pretty much always kicks tail. I think she may have been around the block a time or two.

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Not to hijack flesh206's thread but...... First of all, thank you to those who use DeCal Works. It's very appreciated. crackalack and Mstock, please check your messages. There has been no downsizing at Decal Works. The DeCal team is working around the ... more »

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Ex-MXer Rickie Fowler finished tied for 16th in last weekend's PGA golf tournament and made $97,500. Pretty wise career path that boy chose. I love MX but the riders will never get paid what they're worth. Too many fingers in the pie. On a side note, ... more »

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Still awaiting the release of last year's escapades.

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No chest hair. Dos Equis Man and Chuck Norris do not approve. (Gotta dig the K-Roc)

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Dungey and Tickle.

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Gotta catch him first.

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I'd send that pic to Excel and ask "WTF?".

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I'm gonna gamble and say it's on all night. Those midwest people have their shit together.....unlike Jerry Jones. Wishful thinking?

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Does this mean if he stays with his current trend, he'll be going down in flames? Or is it crash and burn?

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That's another amazing piece, AJ. I still like the one in your avatar best, though.

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And K-Dub doesn't have a "helper".

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I found it interesting that after the subject was totally avoided in the SX broadcast, Ralph Shaheen was on Speed's SpeedCenter talking about it with the host. And yes, Despain calls 'em like he sees 'em.

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"The scrub is old news. This here is the BubbaNac®!"