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Gotta let a brotha know next time as I live like 30 miles away from GCL. Ask KR is he remembers the 'maintenance' ride from a few years back. He was bumming beers/fireball/whatever from random people in the woods to avoid the pending hangover. Funniest ... more »

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Trail rider here. Been on a well setup 300xc (kyb sss, pwk 38) for a few years and recently sold an uncorked 500exc. I just picked up a GG 350ex, radius CX and OEM map switch (installed them at zero hour after taking delivery) and this bike is straight ... more »

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I've done from Van to Packwood (where a buddy has a cabin). Then Packwood to Nile (via Bethel Ridge) and looped back on 410. So I've done the southern half and it's easy.... I honestly don't remember a single point where anyone struggled. Most of the ... more »

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I switched to Dex VI and am very pleased. It's probably comparable to a 7wt fork oil, but nothing a few clicks can't compensate for. It's cheap, readily available and doesn't break down quickly from my experience.

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We have one of these bikes for my 12y/o son. One day last summer we we're almost 20 miles from the truck in the north rockies and all of a sudden the bike wouldn't run under half throttle. Pulled the carb expecting the pilot jet had backed out, but the ... more »

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Whoa....finally a topic I'm familiar with! I ride solo quite often all over the west. First, I get my maps in order (Gaia GPS on Iphone and paper backups) and plan the route. Then I give this route info to my wife in case someone does have to come looking ... more »

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Have you ever thought "What did I get myself into?" Every time I get on a bike! No shortage of WTF moments here in the Inland NW

I didn't know there were other 'trail' guys on here ... more »
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Those lugs sure are purdy! I did a 4cs to kyb swap somewhat recently, but went another route. I owned a 2014 Husky CR125 (pre KTM model) that came with KYB forks w/ Brembo hangers, so I took the whole front end (forks, wheel/hub & axle) and put it

... more »
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Hey...more single track riders! That's a cool vid, but it looks like the quads have had their way with that single track. I haven't ridden around Boise proper, but I usually end up riding the sawtooth and white cloud areas once a year. There is some ... more »

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Lectron's make 'old man' power. Soft down low with no hit into the mid/top. I've been running Lectron's since 2013 in my woods bikes and can never get is crisp and lively feeling as a PWK carb. However, since I'm woods riding and trying to squeeze 80+ ... more »

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I guess I got lucky in that my wife did not care for a big wedding. We flew to Maui, got married on the beach and then bummed around the islands for 2 weeks. The only real cost (besides the flight & condo) was the photographer. We didn't invite anyone....its ... more »

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I just went through this with a 300xc I picked up. Luckily, I have a spare bike (2014 Husky cr125) that came with KYB's & brembo's, so it was a simple bolt-on conversion. From the husky, I snagged the forks, axle, wheel & hub (as I didn't want ... more »

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My son got his jersey from Washougal moto 2 2016. We were walking back to the truck late after the race and Tomac’s coach driver called the kids over to give them his dripping wet stank ass gear before they hit the street. It was like 8-9pm and we were ... more »

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Tacos and Omak are 2 words you don't hear together very often. Did you go to El Portal?

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Very cool! AX Saturday night and Kaniksu single track on Sunday. Keep melting snow.....

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I still have plans to try and make the 4cs forks tolerable (as they're destined for another bike), but in the meantime I've found a very easy solution to my problem. I have a 2014 Husky cr125 (pre KTM bike) that came with KYB SSS forks and Brembo brakes

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Good info, thanks!

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Do you have personal experience with this kit? I want soft forks for trail riding. Not sure if I should pony up the cash for this or just wait til some decent OC forks pop up on ebay