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Thanks! Yes, the Y section is machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, then de-burred in a media tumbler (that's why it doesn't have the classic "billet" look with all the tool marks). I don't plan on parting it out, I'd prefer to sell ... more »

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• 1985 CR500R motor (69 total hours since complete rebuild) • 2005 CRF250R chassis • CP500 conversion kit more information) with added gussets • All welding performed by a qualified A&P (airframe and power plant) certified engineer • Pro Circuit pipe and

... more »

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Scooter, it was great to meet you & ride with you on Wednesday! Glad you had fun down here except for the traffic! Cheers, Pat

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I'm 100% sure everything will be great as far as the track goes. The people who run it& maintain it are stellar! It's Mammoth it's going to be Epic! Can't wait.

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I might spin a few laps & see where I'm at & race if I can get a spot! It's only the holy grail of moto on the west coast!!!! Can't wait, bringing two bikes and two of my little brothers and we'll see.

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This year, I'm spending my time as a mechanic for my little brother! Going to be epic! If your going have a ball! It's Mammoth enjoy!

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I feel very privileged to say i've chatted with Tom although it was very brief It was awesome. Truly one of the greats in our sport. What stands out the most to me is how loving & devoted he is to his family. Class personified. Wish you the absolute ... more »

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Positive thoughts & prayers to Nicky & family . I've been to Italy and from experience Italian drivers are fucking nuts

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I started playing football as a kid and was given a random number. 44 I started racing in 1977 and ran 44h as my number, a pro had 44 I finished the season with more points than the pro had so the number 44 was mine! I earned it so I run it to this day. ... more »

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Thanks Phantom 661, I knew when I couldn't pull away from The guy on the IT175 he had some speed. As it turns out national level speed! I knew every bump on that track and had been riding it for months Tim was on his first three laps and I couldn't put ... more »

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Rest In Peace Tim Hart. 1978, I was a B level racer and was practicing on a track I made at Gorman ( big up hills & really roughtrack) I was putting in my 30 minutes and on top of one hills there was a guy just sitting there watching me he was on ... more »

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Name: Pat Age: 58 Riding since age 10 Favorite rider: all Profession: general building contractor/ custom cabinet maker Current rides: 06 yz250/cr 500 AF also build AF's for others Racing, started at 18 raced every weekend for years had a back door suzuki

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06 yz250, total motor rebuild, graphics designed by my son, I love this bike. Only run race fuel in her. It's as reliable as a light switch!
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Some kitchens I've done for great customers. My company designs and builds everything completely in house.

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Smart, when you're not feeling it, speaking from experience, back off and find another discipline to focus on for a while and as already stated, you'll be back we always come back. In my very humble opinion, do what makes you feel alive. all best to ... more »

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70 stepper/ three on the tree/ six silly 71 short bed fleet side 350/350 combo Fun to build and drive! ... more »
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Really enjoyed watching this. Thanks for posting! Great to see he is as humble as he is fast.

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Thank you! Both 500's. we built them for Mammoth 2014. We pulled fuel injected bikes up the hill all three days! Great fun if you have throttle control. Things go bad real quick if you don't. Cheers,Pat

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I love the 500's From mild/ to wild! I do conversions so, let me know if you'd like one for your stable. Pat ... more »
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Waxed magnet!!! Now my side hurts ! That's gold!