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Condolences to the downed riders family and friends! May Heaven welcome him with open arms

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Paroled back in the general population.

haha have fun Big Leonard! Who was the other guy you used to stir it up in here with?
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I dig Ryno's passion and honesty. After about 2:30 it kinda turned into a rant. It is pretty crazy a total beginner can buy a brand new motocross bike and pay $40 to ride a track . . . Darwinism at it's finest I guess. So sad for the family of the rider ... more »

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reading this tread is pure comedy! I find myself thinking what the fuck . . . this is motocross . . . who gives a fuck how much stupid shit jlaw did . Let JLaw ride! you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig

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Look at the down votes. LOL, Must have hit the nail on the head. Take away the voter fraud and illegals voting and California would still be business friendly

Added reply in a thread Attending Pala Raceway on the 10th? 10/7/2020 12:21 AM Looks like tickets are still available

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The TV broadcast showed a replay of the crash. It was ugly and the side of his head hit the ground hard. I was speculating he had a concussion as to why he didn't line up for moto 2. He showed flashes of speed this season. Hope he heals up 100%

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then throw in the first turn crash the following week. been a very unusual season for the Champ

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Been following this story. Fantastic report! Not enough good things to say about all the medical professionals taking care of him. Also a big thank you to The Man upstairs for answering so many prayers

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Here you go, Dave. And NO cheating ... more »
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I only had live timing for moto 2, so my earlier post was based solely on lap times. Can anybody tell us what the WW stand for in WW ranch? Curious

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Tomac still has it! ET3 made up how many seconds on #16 to get to less than a second behind him on the 2nd to last lap and then he backed down and chose not to dice with the points leader.

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Not enough options Couch Announcers booth None of my business

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Still 6 moto's left to run. Anything can happen (#16 & #25 proved this in moto 2 yesterday)

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Just my personal opinion - I think Eli settles for where ever he finishes if his body feels tight or he just isn't feeling it on the bike. My guess it this stems from past injuries happening when he's outside the comfort zone. I believe this is the case ... more »

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Hypothetical question: If you were Tomac's mechanic. how would you have prepared his bike for a mud race? What would you have done differently for the 2nd moto (after the 1st moto dnf)

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I'm sure somebody will post a clip. I was watching TV and saw him let go of the handlebars and the bike fall into the mud - it did give me a pause for about 1 second. Eli was not throwing a tantrum or jumping up and down. A guess would be mental and ... more »

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Remember when RC used to say "Never count out the Champion" next 7 races are going to be very fun to watch

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Question for the people watching the Gold App, How quick is the track breaking down? IF they had another practice it would be interesting to seen what Ferrandis time would have been on the tore up track

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Osborne has been putting in the work and it shows. He has raised his game more than a few notches no doubt. Winning the last SX in SLC when Tomac had nothing to prove is not a good barometer. Winning Moto 2 was way more of an accomplishment. This was ... more »