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Ill come up from Florida to ride Honda Hills again. Grew up at Honda Hills and happy to hear its re opening! I haven't thrown a leg over a dirt bike in a few but I will be there!

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The place he went riding looks fun. The bike is what it is, a way to have some fun on a budget.

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It better be self driving because there is no way anyone is going to want to be seen in that..... I couldn't stop laughing last night when the "armored window" broke and Musk gaffed "Oh my fucking God". Thats exactly what I said when I first saw pics ... more »

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Yep, I spent the most time putting in laps at Honda Hills, Damn shame she isn't open. Dick was a great promoter, was never a fan of the people who bought it and eventually closed it......

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Can we stop with the talk of the delivery method, its been beat to death and at this point no one gives a shit. It was in the dirt.....bag, big bag, dump truck.....move on..... Feld needs to take care of these guys big time...... Everyone who rode that ... more »

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Practice with people faster than yourself when ever possible.

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Who makes a competive electric Mx bike these days? So has Alta effectively just killed the electric MX bike market?

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I seriously doubt they rented the Uhaul truck to go steal bikes.....lol They stole the uhaul truck to go steal bikes.... Would be nice if they had tracking on the truck but more than likely not..... Really is a crappy time to be selling dirt bikes, such ... more »

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Never seen it.

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Im going to go with Steel city as well.

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Thank you for calling out someone who is clearly a douche bag. Some people just can't leave well enough alone and have to grind their axe to make themselves feel important or better about themselves. Their is NO other reason to make a comment like that ... more »

Added reply in a thread Covington Torn ACL 10/3/2017 10:26 AM

Thomas is a bad ass all the way around and I feel for him having to tough that one out. I also see an illustration of why a guy like Tomac took a pass on the weekend, its always a risk and I appreciate the guys who did take the risk to go represent the ... more »

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Pro Mx is down because Mx is dying off at the grass roots level, the local scene is down across the country big time. Sure there are bright spots here and there but overall its down. The local scene is where the next generation of pros come from, its ... more »

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It was the right call without a doubt, as the day wore the track down it would have claimed riders before it ended up being something that couldn't be done anyway.

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Call it team RED, Retired Extremely Dangerous. Dungey RV Canard or Stew.....lol

Added reply in a thread Mike Brown getting heat over LL? 8/7/2017 2:51 PM

I hope he goes back next year and waxes everyone's ass again. Hopefully some of you whiny ass bitches will man up and get on the line with him. Good lord what a bunch of fucking snowflakes. Brown is an inspiration and I for one am glad to see him out ... more »

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Suppose he checked to see if he could get the permits to open a riding facility in the area before he purchased the land..... lol One would hope.

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Hang on a second, I didn't think anyone pussed out back in the 90's? I thought everyone was wanting to be on the team back then. What is Ryno talking about?