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Thank you, I agree. And to the dip shits who "don't get" the lowered trucks scene and feel the need to comment, I say to you that most people "don't get" your/our need to ride a dirt bike. I am sure you don't want to hear them bitch about your dirt bike ... more »

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How many top guys are sitting on the sidelines this year due to injury.....hehehehe. Maybe less power and a return to sane tracks would be good. Now we know that's not going to happen............. Cause the racing is much better when Dungey is winning

... more »
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Ive used to send multiple Harley's and have always been quite happy with the people doing the shipping. Generally I always get a reasonable bid if I wait a few days. Just check out their feedback to be sure your comfortable with the shipper ... more »

Added reply in a thread My girl friend Kelley passed away 3/29/15 any of my motobros that would like to attend her celebration of life BBQ for her you're welcomed to attend 4/19/15 3/29/2015 6:16 PM

Hang in there man, I am sorry to hear about your girlfriend. My heart goes out to you and your families.

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They said this is his second year on the Gp's? Great rides for 4th overall today.

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This is such a NON issue. Tomac rode behind Dungey almost the whole race picking off the riders he was aloud to be picking off. At no time was he racing Dungey. He is permitted to ride behind the leader once he has lapped him..... It just happens that ... more »

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Kudos to Chad for doing that, thanks for keeping it real. The retro 4 strokes looked great as well, although I think a green frame would have been better than black.

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I am warming to the idea of an airbag in the seat armed to go off at a certain speed. Back in the day I slept in the box truck when we went to Atlanta to keep people from breaking in and stealing our stuff. Such a shitty area.

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I'm so sick of the word vitard, people who use it show how ignorant they are. Your post also show your ignorance. Im sure they all had their stuff locked up or their bike was in an area that was supposed to be secure.

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I've had Reed's picture as my avatar for a couple of years now just because he is such a good inspiration. Congrats Reed family, a well deserved win!!!!!

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Actually Roczen, Canard and Tomac are all down on points because they made big time mistakes cutting through traffic like a hot knife through butter. Dungey is calculating and patient in his passes and is now in the points lead because he doesn't cut ... more »

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TY for the insight.

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Post it in the Marketplace or Bazaar part of the forum. I just sold my 04 rm 250 last month, I had it posted on the forum, ebay and craigslist , but craigslist was what sold it for me. Rode the bike for 4 years and got more than I paid for it, bought ... more »

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Yes I miss the days of MX nats in Gainsville, supercross in Daytona, Orlando and Tampa. I agree the are around the Orange bowl in Orlando is like Beverly hills compared to Detroit or Atlanta even. If you want your bike stolen go to Atlanta.

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Stewart has done his time for his infraction, he basically lost his 2014 season results because of it. The problem is should he have to loose his 2015 results because of it. Most people think that is far to harsh and that includes me. He admitted he ... more »

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Im sorry, FUCK the AMA!!!! Where were they during this process, its a few weeks until the start of the season and they are blind sided by this FIM decision. It was 3 weeks past due!!!!!!!!!!!! Where was the AMA, why weren't they up the FIM's ass asking ... more »

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I will go on record and say that I think its to harsh. They should suspend him from April to Dec, erase his results from that time period but allow him a clean slate for 2015. I don't believe he should be suspended for any races in 2015 and I hope he ... more »

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Really, so you know for a fact he won't be racing A1? That release says nothing about being suspended for a race or races, it also says nothing about a monetary amount.....

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The penalty is NOT to severe, we don't even know what and how long it is!!!!! He did not miss any supercross races in the 2014 season, he finished the season......Hello He could have finished the outdoors but stopped for health reasons..... by the way ... more »

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I love watching Danny on his bicycle. On a KTM freeride.......Boring......