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I put so many laps in at that track over the years that I could have done it blind folded. Tons of great memories from Honda Hills, I think it could re open tomorrow and be just as popular. Shame that won't happen.

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All I can say is they had it right originally, cc to cc and leave it alone. Lets throw in a few new rules here in the states: Only Americans get two practice sessions, everyone else gets one. All non Americans face backward on starting line..... etc, ... more »

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You would be correct, a 250 2 stroke doesn't hold a candle to the power of a 450, its twice the displacement and is going to feel like a hell of a lot more power because it is. I know you know this, but it does illustrate why we need cc to cc. You sound

... more »
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Here is my point: Purse money is supposed to be a driving force to finish better, but with purse money being small its not a driving force for the top ten who make more off of sponsor deals and bonus money. So why not start purse money from top 10 or ... more »

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Three things are Obvious. -The top guys don't need the purse money. -The guys who NEED the purse money are getting even less purse money than what the top guys are. -The purse money for those who need the purse money (privateer) is grossly inadequate.

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Hehehe, got a good chuckle out of that. Thanks Rock.

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Im sure Ricky gets a kick out of all the back and forth on what he could and could not do if he were to race

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I would really love to see RV out there as one last goodbye to the fans. I know its pie in the sky but.....................

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Thank you RV and congrats on your retirement! Enjoy it because its well deserved!

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Dungey worded it correctly. I'm sure Kenny was aware that RD was bearing down on him and I'm sure KR was hoping a lapper would get in the way. Kenny got his wish and Dungey backed it down, no need to take an unnecessary risk after that. Also Dungey was ... more »

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I agree once the engine numbers were ground off the bike jumped from behind in payments to stolen. I also think this was the last opportunity Don had to get paid on the bike before everything disappeared. Bike chassis, engine, etc. etc. Maybe Don should ... more »

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I giggle at the fact that the "reason" they did an exclusive is because GoPro was the only product in the market......Sure it was.... If it was the only product on the market then there was no need for an exclusive anyway....... They knew other products ... more »

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DL was asked to reprogram the bike, so he did ...... He just reprogrammed it how he wanted to not how they wanted him to. They let him/them reprogram it , they just did a shitty job of reprogramming like Cade did a shitty job of paying. You skip out ... more »

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What a bunch of bullshit. If im going to be putting in laps in HOT Florida Im going to bring my own drinks. Fuck passing out walking to a "hydration" station. Total bullshit.

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I also forgot about the electrical issue that cause RV to stall the bike on the start of the first moto of the year. This stuff just doesn't happen to someone of RV's caliber, something is screwy with the kawi.

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Still looked odd to me, looking at the mxgp video RV wasn't on the throttle when it was looping out. He had his hand forward in an off position. Again this is RV we are talking about, I've never seen him loop out. Either way it sucks for him.

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No wait I have an even better idea! He could ride the series on a 250 2 stroke! Yeah thats it! Yes that was sarcasm as well.....

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I say he should go get a ride at KTM!!!!!! Yes that was sarcasm.

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Nice looking 2012 is a nice looking truck diesel87. If I did a lifted truck that's the look I would go for.

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Nice looking chevy Kid, I would like it even more if it was a short bed. The unibody will look really cool once its bagged. I love the older trucks and I have my eye out for a 57 chevy. I really dig that style.