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Wow! Absolutely stunning build Thomas! It looks Great and I beleive it handles like a dream. Makes me wanting to do a 500 build as well!

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Hey Joey O Thanks for the kind Words. The Peak/Pro Circuit Graphics I got from a cool dude in Germany. I think it pops up on ebay from time to time. I have a set I have had as a spare that I might put up for sale someday, but it wont be cheap as they

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What a sweet build! That is just awesome! I would love to buy a clutch cover for my 90 CR250 if your friend makes them for sale.

Reply to Slater skins for a 99-02 kx250? 1/6/2015 4:41 AM

He was on FB a while ago and said he had the molds for it. Maybe they can make them if they get enough orders? His web site: Slater Skins

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Great project, and you have done an awesome job on it. Will look killer when finished! Cool idea to build a Georges Jobé version of the Peak/Pro Circuit bikes.

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From MXGP of Uddevalla Sweden 2014

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Hej Thomas! So glad you liked Norway. Looks like you had a great time, Guess that Picture was taken in Geirangerfjorden? On my conversion I used the complete triple clamp with stem (and forks) from a 2008 CRF450R. I got a Fork Conversion kit from All ... more »

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Cool ! Loads of great photos there Thomas! Do you have any connections to Sweden? Looks like a great CR500 you have going as a ride bike. Keep us updated on the build of both bikes. I was thinking about going to the museum in Sweden this winter, looks ... more »

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Wow! Killer work you have done to that KX500!! Looks really really nice! You should make a build thread on it here! I love to see restorations pictures and read about them Yeah, when you invest so much time and Money into a build, it is really difficult

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Thanks Thomas! A photo from yesterday

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Looking great Maxx!

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That is a badass bike! What a cool bike to make a replica of. Look fwd to see this one!

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What a great find ! Looks super clean! Will fit nicely in with the rest of your beautiful bikes.

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Glad you guys like it! Thanks!

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Hei Marco Tenkte jeg skulle være med i noen "Old Boys" heat...

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Thanks Eejit360 She sure is a fun bike to ride. I enjoy ridning it so much now, I only bring this baby to the track with me .

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The sound this make is

I liked the sound of the Pro Circuit, but this was just wow... (y)
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What a great day this turned out to be

Got my Answer CF-2 Carbon Fiber silencer today! Ahhhh it looked so good I had to put it on the bike...It looks so cool! I have not seen one of these since back in the day.... The weight ... more »