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Sweet setup you have there! Bikes looks killer! No, have not rode at Magnor for several years, so I cant say I have. Sounds like a great holiday to go ride in the UK! I was hoping to do some EVO racing, or rather Super EVO with my 95 CR250, but my last

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Hei! Ikke fra Sverige, men fra Norge. Not from Sweden, but from Norway

Not far from Oslo. Thanks for the kind words. What year CR125 do you have? Planning on riding EVO class with it?
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I understand. Small parts like that can be a pain to find... I take it you are on Facebook, try this group and see if someone can have it. Honda CR XR NOS parts Best of luck! --Ove

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Hello. Glad my build has been an inspiration for your build! Is it the Item 21 in this picture you have broken? --Ove
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Been a while since my last update. Due to a serious knee injury..no riding for a year... drives me nuts... but soon back on the bike

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Wow! Absolutely stunning build Thomas! It looks Great and I beleive it handles like a dream. Makes me wanting to do a 500 build as well!

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Hey Joey O Thanks for the kind Words. The Peak/Pro Circuit Graphics I got from a cool dude in Germany. I think it pops up on ebay from time to time. I have a set I have had as a spare that I might put up for sale someday, but it wont be cheap as they

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What a sweet build! That is just awesome! I would love to buy a clutch cover for my 90 CR250 if your friend makes them for sale.

Reply to Slater skins for a 99-02 kx250? 1/6/2015 4:41 AM

He was on FB a while ago and said he had the molds for it. Maybe they can make them if they get enough orders? His web site: Slater Skins

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Great project, and you have done an awesome job on it. Will look killer when finished! Cool idea to build a Georges Jobé version of the Peak/Pro Circuit bikes.

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From MXGP of Uddevalla Sweden 2014

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Hej Thomas! So glad you liked Norway. Looks like you had a great time, Guess that Picture was taken in Geirangerfjorden? On my conversion I used the complete triple clamp with stem (and forks) from a 2008 CRF450R. I got a Fork Conversion kit from All ... more »

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Cool ! Loads of great photos there Thomas! Do you have any connections to Sweden? Looks like a great CR500 you have going as a ride bike. Keep us updated on the build of both bikes. I was thinking about going to the museum in Sweden this winter, looks ... more »

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Wow! Killer work you have done to that KX500!! Looks really really nice! You should make a build thread on it here! I love to see restorations pictures and read about them Yeah, when you invest so much time and Money into a build, it is really difficult

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Thanks Thomas! A photo from yesterday

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Looking great Maxx!

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That is a badass bike! What a cool bike to make a replica of. Look fwd to see this one!

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What a great find ! Looks super clean! Will fit nicely in with the rest of your beautiful bikes.