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boom! You've won before you even hit the track! God the 00's were so much cooler....

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the early 00's? Bring back fins and Chrome TLD Peaks!

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i don't know whether i buck the trend but i seem to ride 2t better. I've had a few 4t over the years (never a 350...) so i'd advise you to try and get a test ride if possible. I found the engine braking gave me arm pump. even on the newer 4t where they ... more »

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I think all 2 stroke end caps should have the stinger....they just look better! I'd love one for my 2014 KTM 250sx.... Sorry nothing helpful to bad!

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trust me when i say there is plenty of UK eyeballs on SX. Seeing as we don't have a series of our own. I think Anstie will surprise and i hope he shines!! It's also another strong personality in the pits. So that's AC, DW and MA and the Lawrence brothers ... more »

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Be interesting to see where the THQ nordic take over steers this....could be great, could be horrific.

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I thought that due to the PDS design they had a needle design in the shock for progressive damping however it used to seat too early cause a spike and harsh spot. Race tech did a two stage Needle which would allow a much better damping curve (the lower ... more »

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Hey, Come on now...... Don't label us like that. Some of us love the London Sillynannies.

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the new patch helps alot with the sliding issue.....might have a chance in the rain now!

Added reply in a thread Wondering if a Ktm 2015 300sx barrel will fit a 2020 10/2/2019 3:57 AM

i doubt it as the 2020 will have a similar set up as the current head which is 2017 on....2015 is the previous generation engine

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mark out an outline and ride it.....the ruts will form but slowly. Do you have access to any machines? Tilling will allow it to form quicker.

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That's a good idea if not for injuries, but as a whole why don't more countries do this? Get replica kit with a percentage going to fund the team, casual wear etc. I also think if it was pushed throughout the year the hype would be bigger as well. All ... more »

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Matthes is a proven winner, he's done it before. (i can't remember when, pretty sure it was an outdoor and also the Des Nations) Malin, Matthes and JT would be the power house!

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I was going to type exactly this! Haha

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A few people prefer the standard "non-power jet" carb. To be fair the KTM/Husky has a PWK carb without a TPS or powerjet and it's arguably a better bike can make that work fine but you may need to rejet it. just plug and play but it ... more »

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Racetech suspension Bible is good!

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i think it's more to do with variance of surface and the extra challenge that sand brings. Having ridden a proper bottomless sand track (Dunkirk in France) i have to say that i do not understand how Herlings goes that fast in it!!

Added reply in a thread Mitch Harrison on Euro sand vs. US sand 8/30/2019 1:04 AM

i hope this was ironic....if so tip of the hat. If not.....well....i don't know what to say. :D

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when i was riding in California even the pump gas smelt different. I noticed the fuel smelt similar in France and Spain as well, i think it's something to do with the additives in it, maybe for the hotter temp ranges? I also remember the race gas being ... more »

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Doma always was a solid brand back in the 2 stroke days and often the go to pipe for the factories. I'm pretty sure they were bought and relocated to Calais in france. They kind of went abit quiet since the 4 stroke (D)evolution, but i'd still give them ... more »