Started new thread Any Online Dealers that accept KTM Cash? 6/26/2020 8:33 PM

Just curious if anyone knows of any online dealers that accept KTM contingency? Obviously, local dealer is better but mine seems to have limited interest in figuring out how to redeem the KTM cash.

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I saw a lightly used factory Husky seat just sitting out on the side of the track yesterday.

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DC, can you share any insight into why Hangtown couldn’t be postponed?

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On the bright side, only 40 riders at a track sounds kinda awesome though

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We do need more Laplace transformation and state space threads on vital.

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I have struggled with the same feeling, particularly in hard flat corners. I think big part of it is that it’s a very different feel than my previous bike (2013 350 XCF-W, off-road bike). I ended up at 140 PSI, 15 clicks out on rebound and 17 out on ... more »

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Anyone hear anything from Mobius?

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Yeah but other than those...

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Where was it free? I saved a ton of money by canceling cable and just using the app.