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Since the topic is regarding the 450’s I’ll throw this in there: 450 Moto 1 Total Race time: 34:33.675 min - 16 laps 450 Moto 2 Total Race time: 34:47.703 min - 16 laps 250 Moto 2 Total Race time: 34:46.881 min - 16 laps 250 Moto 2 Total Race time: 34:45.970 ... more »

Added reply in a thread 125 All-Star entry info 5/28/2019 7:31 PM How about this option: if a pro signs up to race the 250's on a 125 let him also race the 125 All-Star class if he qualifies. I asked in the rule bending thread about letting guys race the 125 and their normal class and DC ... more »

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If he's dealing with C-diff then it would explain alot and I really feel for the guy. It can really interfere with your bodies nutrient uptake. I had a family member who struggled with it for months; it's not pleasant to deal with and can take considerable ... more »

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Since there bending rules, I wonder if a privateer racing the 250 or 450 class would be allowed to race the 125 class too (providing his team/sponsors ok it)? If I read the rules right this is not allowable but it could bring in some "gooder" riders

... more »
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I believe China can give you whatever quality of product you want but you have to continuously watch them as they can try and slip things by you if your not looking. We went through the China learning experience with some very simple right angle gearboxes

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You forgot the part where they sold their products into foreign markets below their cost of production. Its how the US lost the flat panel LCD market.

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A lot of guys on here express this opinion and it’s true for any weekend warrior or amateur racer; ride/eace what you like. The subject of two strokes racing in proMX is a totally different subject. The days of them racing competitively were stopped ... more »

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Feld will step in and own the teams participating in SX as they currently do in MJ. The bikes will be painted up to look like some creature or superhero and the riders will be known with trademarked names such as "Motomaniac", SXy Bitch", "MAGA Maggot", ... more »


In my book and without a doubt, its the Greatest generation and specifically those who fought WWII. Those men and women established the US and its allies at the top of the food chain through their fighting efforts and the expanding economy that flourished ... more »

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This is kind of what I remember too. My memory was that in the early 1980’s the Japanese were pursuing a straightline connection between the steering stem and the swingarm pivot to reduce flex in their high performance street bike applications and used ... more »

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My 1980 YZ250 has a chrome moly steel frame, I think this was the first year the Japanese manufacturers went to CrMo on their production motocross bikes.

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With the cross bar the center section of the bars is rigid and not as susceptible to bending loads. This in turn causes an impact at the end of the bars to transmit more of its energy to the point just outboard of the cross bar and cause it to bend there. ... more »

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I don’t know how well my suggestion would be a accepted by purists but you should check out Rocksmith. It’s a computer based learning tool that usually gets labeled as a game but its far from that I feel. It uses tracks from a large body of artists and ... more »

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Some of those old taildraggers wings really generated lift easy. My Dad learned to fly as a teenager in a Taylorcraft. He said on hot days with thermals from the ground you almost had to force it down to land otherwise it just might float above the runaway ... more »

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Something like

Probably not the OEM's your thinking cause this is a Chinese bike that uses what I've read is a copy of a Yamaha DT230 engine. Probably not tuned for MX use but may work well for off road use if you dare risk ... more »
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I've never been to that track but its in IL and sits next to an interstate cloverleaf/offramp that was put in many decades ago. I see from the satellite image that there's an old borrow pit beside it that may have provided material for the overpass. ... more »

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Honda laying the groundwork for their electric motorcycle market?

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Does Gaerne have any production being done in China? If they do, could they not be legit product that are being closed out or excess inventory? If so I doubt Gaerne would want these boots put on the market but that wouldn’t necessarily stop a Chinese ... more »

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The cold temps at Denver could have really given him pain and problems what with the major bone grafts and repairs he had on his arm. I experienced some of that after I had my broken heel surgically repaired and it was all my own bone; he’s got a piece ... more »

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It’s one them things like you plug into your car and your insurer can monitor your driving to get you to develop safe driving habits. I didn’t know Geico had those but I’ve seen ads for similar units from Progressive and Liberty Mutual.