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This is my technique: via GIPHY I'd guess yours is more sophisticated

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It might be good to get the red plate this first round as this virus is probably gonna screw with things big time this year. I can see rounds being cancelled due to travel restrictions to/from some countries not to mention people getting ill from it. ... more »

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There’s also this medical paper published in The Lancet that was a review of the first known 41 cases. Of those 13 had no connection to the seafood market or previous cases. The fact that the Wuhan virology lab was close by would make you go hmmm and ... more »

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Really cool build you've got going there. I like your “eye” for the details your adding to it. I’ve got a shoebox I’d like to put a C5 under. Its a real rust bucket but I think I can buy a complete new body for it these days. The classic car aftermarket ... more »

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Chevrolet had a hybrid pickup they introduced in 2005. It was a Silverado 1500 but it really was only a large generator/starter with several batteries and basically just introduced the engine stop/start technology. It provided modest fuel efficiency

... more »
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The TV crew needs to do a close-up, slo-mo video of a scrub, show it during the broadcast and have JS7 explain how and why its done, the risks of doing it and the rider energy required to perform it. It happens so fast that a casual fan may not really

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Was this kid a budding NFL running back whos future earning potential was torpedoed to justify such a large award? And a 1” exposed edge of a metal culvert doesn’t sound like a significant thing to me; its difficult to have an edge of a culvert not exposed. ... more »

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Pretty cool and you did a good job flying and keeping the rider in frame. Having done some flying with my Phantom 2, I’d guess thats not the easiest thing to do. You guys flying FPV with these racing drones appear to be pretty good at it though. I wonder

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I've wondered what happened to the Silenthawk program. I believe that was the contract that Alta was competing for. I think they placed a small multifuel rotary engine genset on their bike just like the bike in your link has. I was hopeful they'd get ... more »

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RV was winning at St. Louis after he attempted an aggressive pass on Dungey amongst lapped riders and took both he and Dungey down. RV got going ahead of Dungey but wasn’t shaking him in the couple of laps after falling and then he endo’d and destroyed ... more »

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2004 Red Bud national: Tedesco fell at the start of the 125cc moto 2. He was on a Kawasaki. He went on a tear for a few laps and hucked Laroccos Leap for a few consecutive laps. Cool to watch and the fans went nuts.

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450 class torpedoed his talent and earning potential

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With a smaller tractor like that you won’t be able to till very deep. What happens is you don’t have a very deep bed of nice loose soil above the bottom of the furrow that those leading plow tines create. So when you ride the track your tires will find ... more »

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Oh come on man; that’d take like 5 min worth of work at a word processor to revise the rulebook not to mention they’d have to alot a few more cubic feet of storage at the MX Sports mini warehouse stall for the engine cases and cylinders that the participating

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Yes and for some its an inverse relationship

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Pioneer HPM 150’s (not mine). But these were high end audio speakers from the late 1970’s. 15” woofers would really move the air. I lusted after them when I was younger after listening to some but couldn’t afford them then. They can still be found used ... more »

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He’s clearly doing it wrong; a set of these would provide much more therapeutic benefit:

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No doubt HRC had talent designing two stroke motors. I can't help but wonder if they hadn't helped force the changeover to the four strokes if they wouldn't have alot more wins in the record book than their four strokes offerings have had.

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This is something I’ve suggested before. Its just plain stupid to have two 450 classes. The FIM appears to still embrace the two strokes in their racing programs so why not provide an outlet for those racers to represent their country? It’d also likely ... more »