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I went to the Trans-USA race at Red Bud in 1979. Very few Euro's there like had been advertised. Also Hannah had broken his leg in the watersking accident and couldn't race. Bummer all the way around. Always heard the Trans-AMA events were good but I ... more »

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If they have dual citizenship they can probably race for their home country, the US or Puerto Rico; whichever one pays them the best

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Why don't your start your own business; employee people to do work that exposes them to potentially serious risks; pay the resulting high Workers Comp insurance premiums and then have one get injured from an accident that could have been influenced by ... more »

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Well Racer X's announcement of the series indicated Hangtown as one of the qualifying rounds leading to the final at Ironman MX. This is good reason I'd think for people to expect that points would be given and results presented.

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Without a doubt that's one of the best sentences I've read on here.

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Yes Tomac would still win, Musquin might be second but Osborne could be third on a 250. Just go open class and engine type and lets see the best racers race the best racers without the unecessary "categories". Kinda be like the MXdN every weekend.

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Suprise winners will be the fans attending that didn't realize beforehand that there was going to be a 125cc

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I'm sure they intended for it to be the higher volume production models available to the public. I think the Can Am 125MX could be allowed though since Can Am still builds motorcycles

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The statement on MX Sports says the final three years of production for those manufacturer's who no longer produce them. Could it be argued that the final three years of the old factory works bike models (RC's, SR's, OW's) are legal according to the ... more »

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Amen. Those manufacturer's also have no electric MXer's in production yet. This is likely the real reason Alta got the cold shoulder this year so "data gathering" could occur. My guess is these manufacturer's will announce competitive electric MXer's ... more »

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I believe the Caesers Palace jump was done on a Triumph. I wonder how many jumps Evel actually did on H-D's?

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Tubliss tire system. Gotta have new tires as you rely on them being pretty air tight and you'll still need to check tire pressures every ride. I just run one on the rear.

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Make sure the inlet of the pipe looks to be aligned properly with the cylinder spout it inserts into with the pipe/silencer all bolted up. If the bikes be laid down on the pipe side its possible the head section of its been bent out of proper alignment. ... more »

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I did some looking at total race times between the two classes to compare them. It's difficult to compare as they're not racing the track at the same time and don't always run the same number of laps in the moto but at some tracks there's very little ... more »

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In the outdoor series where a 250f might do even better due to being more manageable over the longer race distance, the 450 class four stroke displacement limits are set at 251cc-450cc and bore must be the same as the homologated model. So no 250f's ... more »

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Well he outta just try and score an Alta and race in Canada's pro series this summer. Then he'll have a leg up on everyone here next year when the Japanese roll out their electric MX bikes and the sport drops the IC bikes.

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I agree with this and thought of this same incident Saturday night. I know its not over till its over but it appears to me that the top three positions for the season are pretty much secure; Anderson will win, Musquin will be second and Tomac will be

... more »
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Chad Reed could do this but it'd mean he'd have to sit out the weekends National. He's self sponsored so maybe he could make it work. It'd be a good marketing move by Husky to help him do it I'd think. Are there any other current pro's racing the series ... more »