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Pretty interesting. Were these residents given any sort of therapeutic medicines or were they already on medications such as Hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc?

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A local guy here had it in March and quarantined himself away from his wife and kids in their house at his first sign of illness. He’s an airline pilot and he did everything right it sounds like. He actually didn’t get his diagnosis until he was almost ... more »

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Used to have a friend who raced flat track and short track. He told the story of a fellow racer that lined beside him at a race, fired up his Bultaco and when the rubber band released he went backwards. The two stroke motor was running backwards. Of

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Is the payout better than the real thing?? Some of these esport payouts are pretty decent for just risking blisters on your thumb and a diet of Cheetos

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In 1980 I was racing my new YZ250 that I'd placed a Magura straight pull throttle on. I also did some woods riding and liked how it tucked the cable in right next to the bars. It worked by using a bevel gearset to pull the cable, kind of a neat deal

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NY Nursing Homes Forced to Take Covid Patients Kinda like creating Covid breeder reactors.

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Untitled on Vital MX I’m not saying Africans have an immunity to this specific virus but they may have a strong immune system that’s keeping it at bay for much of their population.

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Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators A good friend of my wife told is that she has a close friend in New Jersey whose mother in her ‘80’s got the virus. She took her to her doctor and they requested the hydroxy chloroquine/Z-pac treatment but were denied. Her condition got worse ... more »

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This is a site I've been going to since this thing broke out in China to get an idea where the numbers are going to. The guy who created it is a physicist at CERN and it appears he's been tweaking a Gompertz equation to fit the data presented on the ... more »

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Seems to me what he’s indicating is that there should be no problem letting 250 two strokes race against 250 four strokes. The factories don’t want to use and develop the two strokes in the professional series and basically have a gentlemen's agreement ... more »

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Well I actually informed him of one case locally I knew of; an airline pilot. He didn't test here locally and is done with his quarantine; not sure if he's done getting death threats though. We also just had a person in their seventies die last night ... more »

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I’ve always felt that if you got Bill Gates down and shaved his head you’d find a triad of sixes; he’s the anti-Christ for sure. I think the negative effects from his monopolizing the OS market early on has robbed us of the development of many good, ... more »

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I caught part of the Peoria, IL city council meeting the other night on NPR radio. They were talking about how to cut budget due to the large shortfall of tax revenue they're projecting due to the closures and slowdowns of businesses. They were discussing ... more »

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Yes we've flattened the curve and reduced the workload on a few very large urban center hospitals. Small rural public hospitals like ours just went idle as a result of the lockdown and terminated (not furloughed or laid off) 50 employees last week and ... more »

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I watched an interview with a Harvard MD over the weekend who was saying in NYC some 80% of women who came to the hospital to deliver babies and had tested positive for COVID -19 were asymptomatic. Women; the silent assassins?? Babies protecting their ... more »

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Our ag construction business hasn’t seen any effect yet (emphasis on yet). We tend to idle back during the winter months and have just now brought back in most of our guys from layoff. Planting is underway and early projections were for a near record ... more »

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If he’s gone, it’d be a great time for the new leadership to open the country to tourism since there is no virus there. Peoples just be itchin to go somewhere. Is it too late to move the Olympics there?

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In my opinion big cities create big problems for the world: 1) Pollution - my rural sky is just as clear now as it was before the shutdown. I guess the big cities have cleared up now but I suppose soon enough they'll be puffing plumes of the stuff back ... more »

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My '52 Oliver 77 row crop tricycle gear is one of my all time favorite machines. So simple and 6 cylinder smooth. It was converted by the previous owner to a 12V system and I put a larger core radiator on it several years ago. Its a bit rough looking

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I thought Scott Russell had a respectable effort in the 500GP’s after his superbike success. He was on the Suzuki so it was almost a given that he would struggle against the Honda and Yamaha efforts. He didn’t stay in MotoGP long though. I enjoyed watching ... more »