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Where the hell have they been? I figured when the Japanese left the two stroke market the Chinese would be quick to fill in the void. Is there some little known code of ethics that Asians won't steal trade secrets from other Asians. Maybe they only steal ... more »

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I put Moto Metal wheels on my truck several years ago. I believe WheelPros is the US distributor of them and they were sponsoring MX or SX at the time. They have Moto cast right into the rim so they've got that going for

. They're a Chinese ... more »
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How many fast 250 guys would prefer to take their 250's into the 450 class if they had that option? Certainly no factory team effort would allow it to happen as it seems to not be in their marketing plans. It seems far to many guys dead end their career ... more »

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Now where's that 200?

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Can't we just tell them we identify as trangender's or something and then we'll be good?? This could build support for our activities in the LGBTQ (any more letters?) and we can claim discrimination if some are still against us. Win-win; and think of

... more »
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Well I can't imagine they'd ever let the automobile loose. Something that kills and maims thousands of people every year? They put in these Obama era regs for truck drivers that's substantially raising freight costs as they figure it'll save 26 lives ... more »

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We got em right because we lived it. We don't got to go to no Wikipedia to look up some smoothed over, politically correct, gender neutrified, distorted viewpoint crap. We bad! [img] [/img]

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Wasn't Witteveen with a Chinese team to develop a 125cc to race the 125 MotoGP series with several years ago? At least that's what I thought I read somewhere. I don't know if they ever got a machine together and then the format was changed to Moto3. ... more »

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I was at qualifying for the US nationals many years ago. Until then I had never seen a Top Fuel car run. I was spectating near the start line. When they launched it was the sound, the vibration, the burning of the eyes and nose from the fuel hitting ... more »

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I think it was renamed the VTSB (ViTard Safety Board). Its very similar to the NTSB that investigates airplane crashes and every bit as professional I think.

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They're telling, er...petitioning the AMA to return to two strokes. They had better and more consistent results; even had ther top riders complete their seasons. Sorry Mr. Honda.

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Of course how do we now what the gun violence stats are for Russia or China; they don't have a free press and aren't likely to allow a release of this info. Many countries have a majority of Muslim population and they pray five times a day which should ... more »

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Knowing that schools were not gun free zones and the possibility of multiple armed "good guys" inside would keep many of the wacko's bent on destruction away. If they're planning on "going out" and taking others down with them, they could acieve that ... more »

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Major point is Hollywoods influence should be part of the conversation regarding our increasing violence and suprisingly its not. And to deflect the attention from them they pile on the gun control bandwagon; such hypocrisy. But I also think violence ... more »

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People in the US have become normalized to violence for sure. A steady diet of it gets fed to us by Hollywood. The Clooneys and Speilburgs who are helping fund these school students protests have made bank by portraying gun violence in their films. Look ... more »

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Home schooling sure gets a bad rap around this place. If the parents don't care I guess they can let their kid skate through with an unacceptable education. Some states have requirements that home schooling curriculum's have to meet and some don't. I ... more »

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Grinding out and tuck-pointing damaged mortar joints is a tedious and dusty process if any is required. Otherwise it can look really good if cleaned up and sealed. The dust can be difficult to contain if there's adjacent tenants to be concerned about. ... more »

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As long as the taverns they stop at have electrical outlets outside to re-charge from that range should be

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Osborne would podium consistently, he has the aggresion to get around the rolling roadblocks (450's).

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I believe Roczen should be getting a Christmas ham from Dr. Viola, Thats what coming to him later this year.