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Well the babies would probably be ok with that given their other option. Seems like as a taxpayer I'm gonna be paying for either way it goes. Why limit its use to terminating them before or at birth? I have no recollection of anything before I was about ... more »

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Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry has a pre-natal development exhibit that has preserved human babies in containers that show development from 28 days till birth. Its a pretty fascinating but somber exibit. Even from a few weeks after conception ... more »

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Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as COVID-19, on ventilators So Medicare paid more for COVID patients and quite a bit more if those patients were placed on vents. This may be why some NYC public hospitals were so intent to get incoming patients to grant approval for them to ventilate them when they were ... more »

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I assumed the thread was social distancing given the spike in cases occurring.

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I've not heard what the death lag period is currently. Early Chinese data found only about a 6 day period but many early reports were saying 7-21 days. This was back at a time when testing was not as readily/easily available so the lag period may be ... more »

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I think the left one actually has an exit on the underside of the muffler. The rear hole can be open too but there's an onboard gyroscope controlling it that diverts the gas downward kinda like a thrust vectoring thing to be used when scrubbing aggressively. ... more »

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So did people of color only get lynched with a proper noose knot or were there other knots used that we need to be concerned with now and they're "symbology"? I know and use several knots that I learned when I was in in Boy Scouts; even learned how to ... more »

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I think we need a 72 hour cooling off period for media reports that might incite people to riot, burn down a Wendy's, take over a city center, etc sorta like when you're buying a handgun

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A 100HP loader tractor with MFD is what I used when I built my track. I was having to carry bucket loads of good clay at one location to different spots to make jumps though. If your just pushing dirt up to make jumps a dozer may work better. However ... more »

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Hopefully Herlings heads over for the first round at Ironman, the closest track to me. I missed his performance last time. He knows the track and if he wins he could then brag about holding the red plate in MXGP and the US 450MX class at the same time

... more »
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That's a pretty long thread to get through. Here's something I can tell you: I know of a customer of ours who was the first in our county to test positive for it. He farms and is an airline pilot and feels he got it up at O'hare. I haven't talked to ... more »

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Used to have a friend who raced flat track and short track. He told the story of a fellow racer that lined beside him at a race, fired up his Bultaco and when the rubber band released he went backwards. The two stroke motor was running backwards. Of

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Is the payout better than the real thing?? Some of these esport payouts are pretty decent for just risking blisters on your thumb and a diet of Cheetos

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In 1980 I was racing my new YZ250 that I'd placed a Magura straight pull throttle on. I also did some woods riding and liked how it tucked the cable in right next to the bars. It worked by using a bevel gearset to pull the cable, kind of a neat deal

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Seems to me what he’s indicating is that there should be no problem letting 250 two strokes race against 250 four strokes. The factories don’t want to use and develop the two strokes in the professional series and basically have a gentlemen's agreement ... more »

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Our ag construction business hasn’t seen any effect yet (emphasis on yet). We tend to idle back during the winter months and have just now brought back in most of our guys from layoff. Planting is underway and early projections were for a near record ... more »

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If he’s gone, it’d be a great time for the new leadership to open the country to tourism since there is no virus there. Peoples just be itchin to go somewhere. Is it too late to move the Olympics there?

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My '52 Oliver 77 row crop tricycle gear is one of my all time favorite machines. So simple and 6 cylinder smooth. It was converted by the previous owner to a 12V system and I put a larger core radiator on it several years ago. Its a bit rough looking

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I thought Scott Russell had a respectable effort in the 500GP’s after his superbike success. He was on the Suzuki so it was almost a given that he would struggle against the Honda and Yamaha efforts. He didn’t stay in MotoGP long though. I enjoyed watching ... more »

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I think that when Decoster came aboard the whole emphasis shifted to a 450 effort. Decoster seems to be all about big bore bikes. At the time he came to KTM the 350 was new and seemed to be the focus of the factory for development for the 450 class. ... more »