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When I got back on a YZ after a few years on a four stroke I felt the same. I did the quick easy cheap fixes first. Pillowtop grips, filled bars with silicone. It was better, probably no where near as good as some of the fixes mentioned here but it was ... more »

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Fender braces!

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I second this. Very well done.

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I did the same for my son. Think it was an old bar pad I slid under the cover, nothing large just something he would feel if he wasn't where he should be sitting down. Took a few rides then he didn't need it anymore.

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JMB and Cooper were my favorites growing up. Hard to beat Everts or the excitement of Stewart on a 125. I watched Kenny at Budds on the Suzuki and was impressed as well.

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On the subject of Savatgy's name spell-check, who was running what in terms of the WP shock? You said "both Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson were on the spring shocks, while Osborne, Musquin, and Barcia were all on the spring shock"?

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Ratio should be fine. What were conditions? Did he hit any puddles? These 50s can have stator issues when wet, would seem odd seeing as its new but just putting that out there. I would start by going thru the carb once I have confirmed spark assuming ... more »

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Not even close.

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That Deegan impression was gold.

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I wasn't exactly looking for a new bike when a 2019 tx300 was at the dealer, but knowing it was the last year of the carb I decided to pull the trigger. My reasoning was along the same lines. I didnt want to be a gineua pig for the tpi, and jetting really ... more »

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I love YZs, but for the same price... go TM. They are great.

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Why does the cop hit the wall if his intent was to stop him safely? Whether he did or didn't hit him isnt that alone, not excessive for the situation and show disregard for anything other than his own agenda?

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I've had 2 ACLs done on my left and am currently using the Mobius x8. So far I'm happy with them.

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Better late than never?

... more »
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God I love Malin.

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Dale Fernandez

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That was crazy. Great ride.

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After reading that twostroketaliban post, I am only calling him "Dale Fernandez" from now on.

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Kind of feel like taking someone out during a non race situation is the definition of dirty.

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Yep, maybe hell take him out in PRACTICE like he did to AMart....