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crazy nice dude congrats on that. what a beauty! i have to wait till after my wedding for new toys. i envy you

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I cant contain my excitement for the 2019 F1 season. ive been watching testing and so on. Minor car changes but big team changes this year. I wish F1 was as accesible as moto. hahaha. tree fiddy out the door for a f1 car then we can stand and ... more »

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I visit Detroit regularly and do my shopping, dining, entertainment over there. downtown detroit has come up a whole hell of a lot in the last 10 years. crime sure. just mind your business and treat others like you want to be treated. crime rate is high ... more »

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do either just keep chasing the dream. do what makes you happy. either race is gonna be a hell of a memory, mid 20s and people are chirping ya. NICE VITAL. lets discourage anyone who isnt a 19year old phenom.

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Wish i was at the race live 15 mins away in Canada. Been 2-3 times they put on a good race the venue is good. Next year im bringing the kid and were going for sure. As far as results Webb has been performing well, Roczen, Tomac, and the rest are right ... more »

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I envy you guys in the states. That bike would go for no less then 4-4500 in Ontario. People are selling 03 crf450s for 3500cad.

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That was just amazing i enjoyed that far more the the Ronnie Mac stuff. Just good clean fun and to see the pros reactions. Too much! best video ive seen in a while.

Added a comment about video Brian Deegan - Bloodline 10/16/2018 10:22 PM

So suprised no comments or anything said on this. This guy is a class act. Totally changed his entire life from a mental and spiritual standpoint.

I am downloading this bloodline documentary. If nothing else it would be cool to see someone in today world being #REAL and not just a poser or one track minded.

I started watching the deegan content and thought look how blessed these kids are to have the resources to race and do what they love. it soon changed to what lessons can i learn from this family unit i can bring into my own family and to my own daughter and I's relationship.

SORRY to get sappy but this is just to real and honest of a guy to dismiss.

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thats crazy. that piston alone added 2-3HP basically all throughout the curve. not bad for something relatively doable.

Added reply in a thread So we decided to take an extended Alta hillclimbing. . . 10/16/2018 9:14 PM

Nice build thats awesome thought the vids were pretty cool. insane to see what that alta can do against 450s. Very cool!

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Guy seems like a legit fan honestly. Im sure hes fricken nervous and excited. He went to watch a race and have a few brews and then he ends up in this press conference. at least he rides and seems like a pretty respectful dude. im happy for him. invest ... more »

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great vid that was well executed holy Sh*t. I see the technique your using and the speed it takes to stay out of the bottom of the rut. this thread has helped me greatly already. now to put it to the test this weekend and try is 50 times in a row and ... more »

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thank you for this. great explanation. and the poster before you. I find if i go to slow it only makes it way harder. I need to continue to work on them and get enough speed and momentum going so im not getting pounded on each one. I tried Hips locked ... more »

Added reply in a thread Whoop Section technique. 10/15/2018 3:50 PM

thank you i never had any idea about that. I find a tonne of wheelspin on the 2 stroke and the front end wanting to come up much to high for my comfort. im riding them in 2nd about 80% and it is quite sketcky. Ill try 3rd in the middle of the power. ... more »

Started new thread Whoop Section technique. 10/15/2018 3:26 PM

Ive watched a lot of videos about how to properly attack the whoop section of a motocross track. Not talking huge monster SX style whoops. I find i either get tottally bucked and lose control by the 3rd or 4th or i am just cruising through at a very

... more »

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we talked about Dylan before this is a big oppurtunity for the kid. Hopefully he can just keep the bike upright. had a lot of bad luck crashing out and such. when hes on 2 wheels rides good for his age. when colton retires he will have big shoes to fill ... more »

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same looked it up no jerseys and ants on the site yet. the helmets looked to be of good quality. Price point is quite high 400EUR for the carbon. not sure what that is in canadian dollars?

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these are awesome that looks amazing LMAO! WFO all day long!

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Hope your recovery goes well. Your very positive considering the circumstances. God bless.

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Man saddd RIP GREG.