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That was a funny interview. I hope JG stays healthy during outdoors or it is going to be boring.

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Does anyone have a link to it. Cant find it anywhere.

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Ernie is in Cali. Doing well also. I think he in now the sports marketing guy for Oakley in Costa Rica but still living here.

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Miss seeing Ernie race.

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Two words on the Lites guys. Blake Baggett.................................... Remember this.

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As clean cut and a good kid as Dungey is, he has a long way to go before he will ever move this sport one inch down the road. He needs to not be a robot off the bike, which is what he is now and his sponsors need to work with him to help make that happen. ... more »

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The bike is great but you also need an OEM that is willing to write a check and Honda hasnt done that since RC, which was the last time they won something. L&M wrote a check last year and won the SX title, and the year before and won a SX title. ... more »

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He works for Wasserman Media Group.

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Buddy, apparently you are either a big fan, family menber, close friend or something of Jimmy's. Great, and I did not say he hasnt been riding well or wasnt deserving of a ride. What I am saying is that he is not up to being on the PC team yet. Thats ... more »

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PC 2011 looks like this; Wilson Tyla Baggett Hansen (Monster continues personal deal)** 4th rider ???? could be a fit for Anstie Anderson really isnt PC material yet. He could be but as of right now he is not. To be PC material you must dominate your ... more »

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Lets see, the last time he raced the series he went 24-0. Do you really think that he is scared of RV and RD. WOW, you are on crack. Oh, yeah the year he went 24-0 he was out almost the entire SX series. Sound familar?? Dont expect him to race them all ... more »

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Come on, you really cant be serious can you. Josh Hill = Race winner 450 Kyle Chisholm = Never been on a podium 450 No disrespect to Kyle as he has riden better this year than last when he was on a much better team, but that is just not a serious question. ... more »

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Jay, you know the point I am trying to make......

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You know what, everyone always gives Hanny and JLaw a bunch of crap. I got to tell you something however. Guys like them maybe dont go by the normal path for sure, but I beleive they have good hearts. Case in point is the fact that both give back to ... more »

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Too bad it is not a blood test. That would shed some light on some things I beleive.

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I think everyone or nearly everyone on here needs one. Now the bashing goes to DC. Well I bet James is happy about that because now you’re not bashing him for not racing the outdoor series. This is the thing that gets me, the vast majority of the people ... more »

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Tracks that are difficult to get in an out of: Binghampton Mt. Morris Steel City Hangtown Glen Helen Budds Creek Millville They all suck to get in and out of. Thats what happens when 30K people show up. Welcome to motocross.

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Get over Glen Helen people. I told you 3 days ago the race will be a Pala on the 11th of September with the awards at the casino. The writing is on the walls. GH hasn't done a thing in all of those 15yrs to make the track/facility better and you can't ... more »

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They could remove every track currently on the schedule and replace them and we would have a great series and my guess would be possibly some new fans.

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Grand Terrace CA.