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Team will be chosen long before Southwick. Also, just for the record Blake didnt fold up like a cheap seat as some have suggested at MXofNations. Circumstances got him as they could have gotten anyone. He and Tony crashed together in one moto and he ... more »

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Everyone keeps saying that Kenny was the best MX2 rider “hands down” blah, blah, blah, blah at the last 2 MX of Nations. I say not. Maybe he ended up with the best result, but hands down the fastest guy. Not really. During the Saturday qualifier in France ... more »

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Just as a reminder to everyone talking about Blake last year. Yes, he won the opener last year and had a bad race at freestone, but if you remeber he was leading freestone and had a big crash the first moto and rang his bell pretty good. He then went ... more »

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YOU ARE AN IDIOT...! The mechanic and the pit board are crucial to the rider knowing what is going on. Apparently you have never been at the pro level so please do not speak as if you know anything about it.

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And the answer is, NO F'ing way will he beat the record. And race with Jimmie, that is also funny as hell. 4 wheels isnt any easier than 2.

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Great racing. 8 guys always battling. Not like these days.

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If you actually look at all of the 450 teams out there, JGR is technically the best. I think they are the only team to have 2 riders that have won 450 SX races, and championships, albeit, DM's is on the Lites bike. But by virtue of actual results they ... more »

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Most of it has to do with the tracks. The preparation now is much different than before, as is the design of the tracks. The tracks of the'90's were very rhythm oriented whereas the current style track is all about speed with the obstacles spread out. ... more »

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Old School Racer

do you have a video of Jimmy at Canyon doing that jump on his 60??

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The guys at Fox love Justin. They are probably 100% fine with him getting use to new boots. Boots are something that take some time to get use to. As soon as his deal with FC is done he will be back in Fox on a long term deal, just watch.

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Regal had a great offer to ride for a factory team in Europe and turned it down. I think he was so intent on getting the second slot over at LMC that he wouldn't even consider what he should do if that fell through. Now that they are only going to have ... more »

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Its either Mike Healy or his little brother, but I am about 99.9999999999% sure it is Mike.

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The money is different now, compared to the way it was. The European SX races before had huge sponsors and many of those sponsors are gone. Gone are the days of Bercy bringing over 20 US riders. They simply don't have the budget. Good guys now will make ... more »

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To do it right with some decent riders and actually have 4 guys is in the neiborhood of $5M. And the guy right above that is saying riders salaries should be $50K should be slapped for even suggesting it. Would you risk your life for that? Probably not. ... more »

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Some of you simply don't get it. Tyla won the MX2 world championship and came here. He didn't point out. You can't point out in GP's. He was slated to ride for KTM again the following year in the MX1 class and then KTM decided not to deliver the bike ... more »

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You guys can guess all day and never figure it out. Carry on.

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Jeremy actually turns 40 in a few weeks.

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Everyone bitches that there was no racing after the last national when they dumped the US Open and now that they have invested a shit ton of money to create a new different style of event all you ass clowns continue to bitch. It is so expensive to get ... more »

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Simple math why this happened. 1. Roger is there who help define him. 2. Suzuki wasn't able to compensate him over the last 3 years they way he should have been compensated. 3. KTM and Red Bull opened up the check book and paid top dollar. 4. He was ... more »

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Larry Ward 971 Denny Stephenson 360 Jimmy Button 959