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Getting the YZ250 sorted out with the AMA is more the issue than almost anything. The cost is $3K which is no biggie, but getting it done in a short week due to the holiday and getting a race bike built is a huge issue. Riding the 250 class is no problem, ... more »

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Had he not had the gas issue on Saturday he would have been second. He had already caught RJ and he had the fastest lap of the race with a 1:59. So yes, a podium is likely possible.

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Yeah that has zero bearing. Malcolm’s salary for the year was 2.5 weeks of ET’s monthly payment. The economics don’t work for a team once you have 2 riders making seven figures. Additionally Malcolm was brought in to make sure that the team always had ... more »

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ET & DF are the only full time 450 guys at STAR next year with CC joining for MX in the summer. STAR didn't match anything. Understand to bring on another full time 450 rider for both SX & MX (CC is simple just for MX) would be the addition of ... more »

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It amazes me how little respect Dylan and DV get. Dylan comes to the US and in the span of 4.5 seasons he has back to back SX titles, an MX title, and now is racing, winning, and competing for a 450 title. Yet, the media is silent. It’s quite terrible ... more »

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There are several reason behind all of this. Think about the stress and load a body is under when injured then doing everything in your power to get healthy and get back to top shape. Injuries, antibiotics, stress, etc. etc. at some point it adds up. ... more »

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You my friend are absolutely out of your mind. Dylan is far and away a better pick than Tom Vialle. Tom is a great young rider but not even close to Dylan yet. Remember when nobody knew Dylan and he helped France win the MXON on a sand track, and beat ... more »

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Its doesnt matter if you finish 2nd in your class, but finish 15th in the moto. You must start up front and finish up front. Do we have a chance, yes of course, its MX. But the reality is that we stand a very small chance at winning. I think the fact ... more »

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BAD BAD BAD idea across the board.

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Hey guys, I will set the record straight. First moto DF got into the lead, stretched it out and with two laps to go shut it down and JC and AC closed the gap which DF managed quite well. Second moto, DF and AC got out front, checked out from MM and put ... more »

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He was passing lots of guys until some of them landed on him and got him hurt. Just keeping the facts in front of you.

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I don't quite get why any of you really care what he owns or drives. Here's the deal boys and girls, Jeffrey is the highest paid motocross rider in the world currently and probably number 5-7 if you count in Moto GP riders as well. He has what, 4 WC ... more »

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Guys, this relationship is much more simple than you think. KIA has a relationship from the marketing side of things with RB. My client did this commercial with KIA/RB last month and there is a bunch more content ... more »

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Jeff is a good dude that has helped a lot of us over the years. Help if you can.

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This is bad information. He will not be there next year.

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The issue here guys is the chassis. The old bike that RC, CR, RD, and KR won titles on, and the bike that Bogle won on last year was a great bike. Maybe a bit heavier than the other bikes out there, but it handled really well. The new bike, although ... more »

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A few facts here. 1. Bogle rarely practices starts. He doesn't need to. He knows that he can get a holeshot about 50% of the time he lines up. 2. You are either a good starter or you are not. If you're a bad starter you can work to make them better but ... more »

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WMG hasn't worked with the team on the sponsorship side since before KR was there.

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Your ignorance continues. He didn't get 11th in the second moto. I'm certain without a doubt that my experience and knowledge of the sport is far greater than yours. The reality is that instead of paying me the wager which you will undoubtedly lose you ... more »

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JB def has more wins in the tank. Im betting he continues to move forward and win more. No stress on the confusion!