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How many minutes do you think the factory teams have on theres from the semi to the track ?

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You would think Gas Gas would find a way to put him on there 450 . Find a way to work around the Fox gear deal . There has to be something that happened when he left KTM . Why would KTM not give him a bike to ride Why is he on a Honda

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Pretty Sure the #1 is on Tomacs Bike still . Therefore making him the #1 guy at Kawasaki

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What ever one your Dealer wants you on

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Who mite this mystery TOP 5 rider be ? Tomac , Roczen , Webb, Anderson , Barcia , Osborn , Marv, AC

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Do you remember Hangtown when he was about 1:30 ahead of Dungy in second ?

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MCR. Hill ? JB JGR. JS ? A Mart RMATV. do they keep Bogle ? Tickle , ?

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Personally, I think Bogle needs to hang it up and move on with life while he's still healthy.

There's more to it than moto.

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Is he not filling in for Kroc on the HRC Honda ?

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Dade City Mx has classes on Saturdays .

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Am. days are Thur Fri. I am not sure if PIR will run the PRO/Am race Fri night or not ?

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There will be no spectators . But if you race Am days you can watch the Nat. just a FWIW .

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Just hang on a few more days. And it will all be over .

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A-B-C on local level is not the same as National level . Although it should be It is not .

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I can not for the life of me see how they could social distance everyone at LL.

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They are magnets . I asked Mike about it once . they are all over his bike . Not sure if he still runs them.

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I have not seen if it will be with Fans or without ?

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Well i do not think they would have a random drawing for Who . My best guess is that there are a few things that are a little more Important right now .

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It is a great race . yes you need to qualify . the odds of getting a spot without qualifying is slim to none . #30 c will have qualifying races to make the top 40 .

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How many races have you seen Mrs Carmichael win ? About as many as Mrs Millsaps . They seem to do ok with coaching .