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New thread Jackpot Sunday 2/1/2021 9:14 AM


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New thread The Dream is Over. 1/28/2021 12:01 PM

I've hung up my spurs before the first event of 2021. With no financial backing, I can't realize my dream, so I've decided that being a couple months shy of 52, it's time to retire. Was going to spend $10,000 to win a $300 buckle that really wasn't going ... more »

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New thread Elevation Sickness. 1/18/2021 8:57 AM

I remember Jason Anderson saying he got elevation sickness and disputing that because him being from New Mexico. Well, after living in Texas for 21 months, I moved back to 8000' above sea level. I'm dizzy, disorientated, dehydrated, my RH is through ... more »

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New thread Canyonlands 12/22/2020 5:19 PM

This is supposed to be the best MTBing in Texas! https://youtu.be/LSjJ0yX-w58

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New thread Army vs. Navy 12/12/2020 9:43 AM

Who you got? I've got to stay neutral.

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New thread TXDirt 12/11/2020 6:27 AM

Anybody heard anything? Phone number? He hasn't posted in a week.

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New thread First GoPro Bull Ride 12/3/2020 8:14 AM

I really thought that angling the camera to just see my mask was a good idea. Obviously, it provided a great view of my vest. Have to work on that and some light settings. Nice thing was I found out that the bicycling was doing exactly what I wanted ... more »

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New thread Fat Free Mass Index 11/30/2020 12:13 PM

Kind of like BMI, but for athletes. Mine is 24.611! https://www.calculators.org/health/ffmi.php

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New thread Remember my neighbor? 11/19/2020 6:01 PM

https://www.google.com/amp/s/cbsaustin.com/amp/news/local/large-police-presence-in-leander-residents-asked-to-stay-inside Evidently his new neighborhood is suffering.

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New thread Project COVID Bronco 11/18/2020 5:26 PM

We bought this a while back, doing a resto mod on it. It’s a 1990 with the 5.8L (351W). Don’t expect AJ work in here. Anyway we started on the interior. Replacing the carpet with vinyl flooring, insulating everything, repainting all the interior plastic.

... more »

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New thread Spider Mountain 11/9/2020 1:51 PM

https://youtu.be/5dc6jkR_JSM For those of you that only want to see me crash my brains out on the Black Diamond: https://youtu.be/P22Xv7jnmAQ Two good Yard Sales in there, so don't stop at the first.

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New thread The Rut.... 10/31/2020 6:08 AM

Has this guy walking through my neighborhood. I was like, “wrist release, to pump station disconnect”!

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New thread GoPro Settings. 10/29/2020 7:18 AM

Motodrive had an "Action Photography" forum. I'm constantly trying to get an opinion on my video and suggestions on how to make it better. Anyway, seems like these threads get lost, they could be more helpful if they were all grouped together. As I've ... more »

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New thread Is it a full moon? 10/28/2020 3:35 PM

Went out this morning and promptly the shock fell apart.

Went home and fixed it and went back out. Then I got the idea to jump off of this. Resulted in this. Anyway, looks like I’m out of the MTB business for a while. I’ve ... more »

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New thread One I'm Proudest of....... 10/28/2020 9:10 AM

Didn't make the whistle. Didn't do everything right. Didn't win any money. Didn't get any Glory. Yet, this ride told me that I didn't have anything left to prove to anyone. https://youtu.be/7vlwSjVhTWQ Five hours earlier, I was in the wreck of my life ... more »

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New thread MTB GoPro 10/25/2020 3:57 PM

Don't think it liked the overcast day, so the video isn't as good as it should be. A lot of the 29er, carbon, spandex crowd won't go down this hill. It took me six months of looking at it to try it and two days to pretty much have it down. I'm probably ... more »

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New thread Jerry Jeff Walker RIP 10/24/2020 9:04 AM

Fuck 2020 https://youtu.be/YcBOcwgb4OA

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New thread Tom Segura 10/24/2020 8:41 AM

Watched him on Netflix last night. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Do recommend.

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New thread Yeah, so......anyway. 10/22/2020 12:10 PM

Maybe I'm the last guy people were expecting on this boat, but I've been bitten by the E-bug. Shocked? Yeah, me too. Maybe it was the Alta that got me interested. Stumbled across a video of some guy whooping a Tractors (4stroke) ass on an e-bike. Freeride ... more »

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New thread Balance training 10/2/2020 5:21 AM

Recently saw a pic of a MXer standing on a balance board geared up. Most folks think of balance boards for surfing or skating. I’ve noticed an improvement on my motion and riding. Anyhoo, here’s a little clip I threw together, working on editing. https://youtu.be/iJPKqvUhtjQ ... more »

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