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BluCru will crush the whoops this year

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Just finished part II. Could be better than part I

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Go to the 30 page ktm jetting thread in here. You will not be disappointed 😎 Not sure if your bike has kehein or mikuni?,42/KTM-HUS-125-150-250-jetting-thread,1363394?page=26#post_4997951

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So much tech.. I'm good with a kick starter and carb.

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How does the '14 chassis compare to the '18-'20? I'm checking a clean 2014 today found on marketplace.

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Sounds like a good time. Planning to race my SX at Gh Sunday.

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We had a de-sal plant almost ready to go online here in OC, but the coastal commission axed it.

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Other than the rock hard sections in the back, I think it looks pretty good.

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The Worm? Really? When will this guy go away?

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Good result for Keefer's son. Plus a 3rd in qualifying.

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These are KTM bladder forks- when I wipe around the fork cap there's oil. They were just serviced a couple weeks ago and I haven't ridden on them yet. I will be taking them back but does anyone know what the issue could be? I told Enzo that the fork

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No new ICE models after 2035. Just buy a 2034 powerstroke and you'll be good the rest of your life. Newsom is virtue signaling cause he wants to run for president- he just donated $100k to the Democrat running for governor in Florida.

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That is pretty warm for Pala. Usually when it gets into the 100's in the inland areas it's 10° cooler there.

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If it's a budget thing, I would definitely not recommend golf.

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Good question.. I've been thinking about switching from orange to red and wondering if trading an Austrian bike to a Honda dealer would make any difference on value.

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What's up with the Fly rep? Dude adds nothing to the show except little one liners.

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I switched to bulk this year. It's saving me a good chunk $$ per month. You should see the price of acid- getting close to $8 a gallon

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Someone told me if you purchase a Benz as fleet or business vehicle you can get it $4-5k under msrp?