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The OEM slider and guide on my 2019 KTM 450 is too narrow for an X/O ring chain. The pins on my X/O ring chains are getting worn/ground down from contacting the "vertical" portions of the slider and guide. I'm having to replace my chains due to this ... more »

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LOL. Choked up, no. The beauty of watching it delayed about 1.5 hours off the DVR is you can fast forward through all the bullshit and commercials. If I had watched I probably would have choked up vomit. No everybody is a fan of the guy...

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I was told by some of the guys racing there weren't enough entires to "enforce" the originally announced criteria rules for entry. On a side note, Colt Nichols wouldn't be racing in SLC if the original criteria were applied. Lack of entrants made the ... more »

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Yeah, coverage seems to be getting worse instead of better despite the constant observations offered by fans like us Vitards. I was incensed when they kept the camera on Jett Lawerence trying to pick his bike up and get going after his first turn get ... more »

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6'5" and I believe 205 pounds. Lot of extra weight to carry when the gate drops which makes for a disadvantage on the holeshot. The long legs help make up for it on certain tracks/obstacles.

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Benny's a friend and I get to ride with him at Reynard's all the time. It's fun watching him train with Austin and the rest of Robbie's pros at the Reynard Training Complex. Trey calls Robbie's home and I got to ride and visit with him Saturday as he ... more »

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Didn't see many Tesla's in the Heartland, did you?

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Not going to happen. I've learned my lesson and now fully realize that thou shalt not speak ill towards Chad Reed or his old lady. He's sacred and protected as are discussions about her tits that she feels a need to bring up in a MX forum. I'm not sure ... more »

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Ken's realized getting hurt, hurts and doesn't pay the bills. He's grown up and is now "Dungized". That's a good thing. The sport doesn't pay enough to risk spending the rest of your life in a chair. Matter of fact I think it's disgusting the pittance ... more »

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The broadcast last night was the best this season. Somebody took control. I can only hope they continue to change what they're doing to provide a better product. I was thankful I didn't have to listen to the announcers discuss how many cats Eli Tomac's ... more »

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JGR's historical performance considering the resources they have/had clearly indicate it's a poorly managed company. Note, I'm not attacking anybody, I'm just stating fact based upon performance and resources.

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Guys, thanks for all the input. I bought a 9' Titan folding ramp off eBay for $105. shipped. I got a bit lucky as I bought it directly from Titan as it was their listing and the description said it was discounted as it had a scratch on it. I think it ... more »

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I agree fully. The nickname "Bam-Bam" is a marketing tool similar to Ronnie Mac. The point I make is while the name adds value to Justin from a marketing perspective experienced racers/riders on here and throughout the moto community talk as if he still ... more »

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That already exists, it's called Rocky Mountain MC. Cheaper pricing and faster delivery than a dealer. Sort of funny as I buy a new bike every two years. I spend about 20 minutes in the dealership every two years. Just enough time to write them a check ... more »

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NOT trying to start a territorial urination contest but fewer Pro's are wearing knee braces UNLESS they're sponsored/paid by the manufacturer to wear them. There's never been a definitive, unbiased, SX/MX specific technical study done to determine if ... more »

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I'm devastated thinking about what this young man and his family/friends are having to endure just waiting on a prognosis. Just heart breaking. I bothers me so much I've been reading up on all involved with Brian Moreau. I'm 59 and have been racing/riding ... more »

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Most Pro riders don't have much of a choice as it's all they know. Their JOB since they've been 5 years old has been to race motorcycles. They've been home schooled and have no marketable skills outside racing dirt bikes. They're in between a rock and ... more »

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Great God almighty I'm amazed. I hope the young Vital members read this post. Finally, a well written, thoughtful and intelligent post addressing the potential issue of serious injury. Something has got to change as the guys are literally risking their ... more »

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Most millennial's don't realize those things surgically attached to their hands/body that I call a "phone" are capable of making a "phone call". Hell, they don't even know what a "phone call" is. You ever see a millennial try to have a conversation with ... more »

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I think it's insulting to refer to Justin as "Bam-Bam". Granted, he earned that nickname MANY years ago when he was very aggressive racing 250's as an amateur and pro. However, it surprises me that very few people recognize he's matured and grown up. ... more »