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Reply to Factory bike for sale 5/25/2016 2:34 AM

He used Pro Circuit and not yosh in 2006. Thats a stock shock body, he had a works one that didnt look like that at all and he had gold inner tubes. Maybe he had different suspension componets on his practice bike.

Reply to transworld japan spy photo 4/1/2016 2:17 PM

http://cdn.motocross.transworld.net/wp-content/blogs.dir/441/files/2016/04/rmz4502-copy.jpg Look at the linkage/behind the footpeg on the rmz.. I am only looking in my phone at it but i tried zooming it in but cant see what it is.

Reply to Ya know that wall jump at Daytona ? 3/9/2016 12:48 PM

Watch this if tou havent!!! http://m.vitalmx.com/news/news/Austin-Forkner-Goes-Big-at-the-Daytona-Amateur-Supercross,4057 Cool to find this thread and be reminded what he did on a 85cc! This kid reminds me about James when he was an amateur

Reply to Vital MX Forum QNA: Mitch Payton 1/19/2016 9:09 AM

Hi Mitch I heard you talk about weight/horsepower on the pulpmx show a couple of years ago and you said how many lbs that were equal to one hp but i dont remember what you said. So can you tell us again? Thanks and good luck, always admired you and the ... more »

Reply to MUST have YZ250 mods? 13' in particular 1/4/2016 1:23 PM

If you're gonna port it you might wanna get the softer PV spring or else you may have a dip in your powerband. Its a great bike, just add a flywheelweight and right jetting this bike is plenty good. Some are gonna say v-force or rad valves are a must ... more »

Reply to New Tyga pipes for YZ250 6/24/2015 2:32 AM

Has anyone got one for their bike? I was just wondering how a stainless pipe will hold up on a 2-stroke? I work with welding and a lot stainless steel pipes and know that stainless has a tendancy to crack easker then regular steel. But i have been thinking ... more »

Reply to Favorite Moto Photos 6/9/2015 12:26 AM

Does anyone have the photo of the four PC guys from 2007 with RV, Townley, Metcalfe and Stroupe? Stroupe had 981 and i think it was maybe Millville or Steel City. It was used for a Renthal ad in Racer X.

New thread Interesting read and view about Alessis GP last weekend 5/29/2015 12:11 AM

Don't know if it's been posted but it was interesting to read. I do not want to start another gp vs nationals because theres enough of those already. http://gatedrop.com/the-alessis-british-mxgp-shock/

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Reply to Who's going to surprise outdoors? 450 Edition 5/7/2015 12:29 AM

If Canard isnt healthy yet i think Noren will be on factory Honda until Canard is back. I also think Noren will be dangerous with all the testing and training he has done all winter! Go Freddy!!!!

Reply to Check out these super trick works Prototypes 5/1/2015 3:46 PM

Yes he did in 2006 i think? I think Kenneth Gunderssen rode with that shock and i may remember wrong but i think it was the lage Andrew Macfarlane also who rode for De groot in 2002 when they used that shock!

Reply to Need some help w my winter project, 04 kx250 3/25/2015 11:21 AM

Where do you run your needle? I had the same problem with my snowmobile and i lowered the needle one step and insted of 400 mains i put in 420 and it ran perfect. The plugs were they same color as yours and at WOT the sled would miss almost like a bog ... more »

Reply to Fast freddy 3/9/2015 6:11 AM

Hemwas only scheduled to do the first races for crossland. After that he started outdoor testing for factory honda and he will ride the nationals for crossland but he will still get help/work with factory honda during the summer.

Reply to Input needed - 03 YZ250 Build 1/27/2015 11:12 PM

I dont think neither vforce or boyesen does anything with or without aftermarket pipe. Just a waste of money i think. You can try and remove the reed spacer and see how you like it best. You have a smoother hit and little more bottom end with the spacer ... more »

Reply to 24mx sx Sweden links? 10/12/2014 9:48 PM

Jason won by a couple of seconds over alessi and hill who got third had a bad start but was catching both alessi and anderson. Hill was the fastest but behind these three it was pretty far back to Nicoletti and mcelrath!

New thread Don't miss this, Rev Up! 11/29/2012 1:34 PM

I hope everyone takes a minute to read this weeks Rev Up by Andy Bowyer over at Racer X. If this doesnt get you Reved Up i dont know what...

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Reply to YAMAHA 250 2stroke 11/26/2012 10:43 AM

Sorry for a late answer but i dont check my email or computer very often. The Öhlins on my bike isnt whats sold over the counter, but they are amazing especially the shock. Its so plush and smooth yet it never bottoms out hard! The CSC is working really ... more »

Reply to YAMAHA 250 2stroke 11/6/2012 8:55 AM

This is mine sorry but i dont have much more pics of her now. Rinaldi engine, Öhlins and some more goodies..

... more »
Reply to yz250- two stroke- race day video 11/6/2012 8:53 AM

Always fun to see 2-strokes

Reply to 200 pound 250 2 stroke 10/25/2012 12:51 AM

One word, sick! you have to post more pics and some videos!

Reply to Go-Pro Chest Mount? 10/15/2012 10:32 AM

I like it more than the helmet mount except its one more thing to put on before going riding. But i dont like the weight of the gopro on the helmet if im riding for a long period of time so then the chest mount is perfect. Here is me using the chest ... more »