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Yea, I'm positive everything is seated properly and it's the right amount of plates. I'll take it apart again today just to be 100% cause idk what else it could be.

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Im currently building an o1 yz250. I'm running into an issue with the clutch where the push rod has about a half inch of movement before it even makes contact with the pressure plate. So the push lever is really only doing about half the job it's supposed ... more »

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Just got a killer deal on an 01 yz250 completely disassembled with tons of brand new parts. Guy gave me a set of new black plastics and I was curious to see some of color schemes people have done with the rest of the bike. Post some pics!

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Hey guys I found a 98 yz250 in great condition with a 300cc bore on it. I know the 98 was known for being a kinda weak motor, but I was curious if anyone has experience with this mod. Should I buy it for 1200?

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Haven't really been able to find much of anything that's not already built. For something like this, I don't want to spend more than 700 depending on how much work I will have to put into it

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I'm looking for an early 2000's yz250 project bike in Southern California. Preferably with a running engine but its not necessary.

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Hoping to find a good deal on a tank for my 125 on here. Used ones are almost as much as a new one everywhere I look

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