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lol...I do agree with you, but not on this one !!! A-Ray realized he just effed up, thank goodness that was shut down because Raper would have beat him to a pulp !!

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Hey guys due to unpredictable cancer and hospitalization my fiancé and I will not be attending the Dallas SX race. I have two very good seats with pit passes in section C108, free to good home just go and enjoy yourselves as well be on the couch lol

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Should probably retract this one dude !!!!

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Right !! That was mad !! He and Hanny are a lot alike in my mind !!

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Douchebag thing to say !!!

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What ??? Adams a big dude, not a 140# McAdoo !!

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I watched that that kit !!!

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This is actually two different injuries !! The L5/S1 was a disc replacement done in 2009 which has been an overwhelming success. The second is the L2 compression fracture in 2018 that put me in a back brace for 6 months. Everyone heals differently ... more »
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Herlings just took his shirt off !!!

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Exactly !! And Herlings may get there, I hope he does !! But being out there and avoiding injury is a part of what makes Tony, Everts such bad asses. If you look at his race wins vs his titles in the 450 class it kinda makes him look worse.

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Charley Bogard and Freddie Mitchell at Swan on RM 125's was a sight to behold !!! Have to throw Dennis Hawthorne in there too !!

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Allie Spurgeon !!! And she kicked my ass !!!

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After going to the Texas Pro Challenge last weekend and then listening to the pulp show....the Glen Helen crew needs to give the guys at Swan MX a call for some organizational tips !!! What an amazing even that was !!

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so to hell with it just let these idiots break the law right !!!

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Van Way Moto Playground !!!!

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I think electric has it's place !! But to say it's the future I don't agree with that !!

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Star Wars for crying out loud !!! Go look at Jaime's IG account he has a couple sweet helmets that were custom pain jobs !!

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2nd in Points indoors and out and Honda should send him packing ? He threw up in his damn helmet !! What are your MX and SX accomplishments ??

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Stone Spray Sandwich !!!
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I've been watching for Altazin....I'm assuming that's who you're talking about ? Raced with him for years in the LACC series...great family !!