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Great riding!! Now that's a video that makes you want to get out and ride no matter how cold it is. lol That bike sounded crisp.

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Killer bike, great job on everything!! Would you be interested in getting rid of the stock pipe?

Added reply in a thread Photo of your RM125 - past and present 11/16/2019 6:05 AM

Restoring a 1982 with a bunch of mods. The 82 put down a whopping 22 rwhp back in the day!!

... more »
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I had the 2000 and it was the slowest 125 i ever owned. lol I remember when i first rode it, when the power hit i was waiting for that screaming top end the Honda 125's were known for but it was a big let down. There was no top end and over rev whatsoever, ... more »

Added reply in a thread The History of Honda's CR80R and CR85R 1980-2007 11/7/2019 12:34 PM

Great review on the CR80!! How about doing one on the RM or YZ 125's?

Added reply in a thread My look back at the very first issue of Dirt Bike Magazine from June 1971 11/1/2019 12:32 PM

As a big motocross history buff I enjoy reading and watching everything you put out Tony. Keep them coming👍👍

Liked a bike check New 2008 Suzuki RM 125 Factory Replica 10/18/2019 4:13 AM
New 2008 Suzuki RM 125 Factory Replica
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Dirt Rider's dyno is conservative, most other dyno's will put the KTM between 41-43 rear wheel horsepower depending on temperature, mapping etc. Dyno's are good tuning tools to get a good base and go from there. The 270 big bore on most newer 250f's ... more »

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Definitely not good! sounds like not enough spring pressure and valve float??

Added reply in a thread STIC Metering block Jetting 10/15/2019 4:27 AM

How do the 125's run with a 38mm taper bored to 40mm?

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The 1988 was tame and very smooth, almost boring. Find some info in the back issues and you can see what Honda did making the bike tamer

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Im jealous lol Great find!!!

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I'm running a STIC 38mm PWK in a 07 CR250, cylinder base was cut .020", Derick Harris reworked the exhaust port and cylinder head, bike has lots of compression around 230 psi cranking and runs on straight C12. PC factory pipe, delta force cage and 10 ... more »

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Too many things factor in when it comes time to change pistons. Heat is a pistons worse enemy. A fast A rider on a 125 in deep sand can kill a piston in 5 hours or sooner. A kid riding a 65 barely getting into the power band may last 50 hours or more, ... more »

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I wouldn't think a super light weight rotating assembly like 200 or more grams would be good for motocross, it would loose a lot of it's tractability which is one of the good traits of a 4 stroke. It would make the bike more hyper, 2 stroke like, have ... more »

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The yz250f timing chains are weak. Every yz250f i have pulled apart i noticed the chains were starting to kink and get tight, some as early as 10 hours. They will start kinking and possibly snap if not changed on a regular interval. I have personally ... more »

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The problem ended up being the stator. Even though the bike would run fine using 12 volts from a battery directly to the fuel pump and still show 12 volts from the from the in coming fuel pump wires while the bike was running. It doesn’t make sense at ... more »

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2007 CR250 OEM Stock
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REC MX 2014 CRF450R
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Loretta's needs to stay at Loretta's. It's not the greatest track but the location, the atmosphere, the history, the legacy and most of all the name is synonymous to amateur MX racing.