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This is a good build to follow. Good job

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Yes, thanks for sharing, that's a sweet looking bike and photo in general. The good old days!!

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I had the 87 and a couple friends had the 88 and 89. If I remember and I'm not 100% sure but I think all the port timings were the same except for the heads and the CDI boxes had different ignition timing. The 87 had some reliability issues so the 88 ... more »

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Not to bust your bubble but that is a 1982 motor. The 81 motor was piston port/semi case reed, the 82 was full reed valve which is what you have. The cylinders will not interchange from case to case. Both are great motors by the way. The tank decals ... more »

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Get a degree wheel and time out your port duration's the right way. Find out at what degrees the ports are opening and closing and the total blow down, you can much more accurately understand whats happening within the motor and work with a good tuner ... more »

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If running a 38mm PWK Air striker on a CR125 try this needle N3CG from a YZ250, I've tried plenty and this one runs really well. Bike is a mildly modified 07 CR125, @ sea level 182 main 42 pilot, V force cage, ported intake boot. .028" squish, stock ... more »

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Pro-X makes OEM quality components

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What about Marv? The guy was absolutely ripping and if not for a bad gate pick for the main and a small mistake in stalling the bike, he probably would've won the damn thing!

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The prep work is most important also the quality of powder. You want to make sure you use the right media to blast the part, it should feel rough and scratchy so the powder has something to bite into once it melts and cures. I've had plenty parts powder ... more »

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Man I'm loving the bike, your doing a great job. Wish more people would restore and post up the older bikes. Be sure to let us know how it runs!!!

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They KX 125's had strong motors back in the day. If any bike to have that kind of power band I would say the 97 YZ 125, that bike had great low end and much more mid and top then the older 84-85 KX's. Yamaha's first few year case reed motors had very ... more »

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Yes, everything that could be powder coated is, cases, frames, hubs, brake pedal, pull rods etc. The cases took a lot of time and prep work but it was worth it and yes I get yelled at lot. “That bike needs to go back in the shop TODAY” LOL

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The RM, A little rough but pretty much was all original and running from the original owner. Thanks for tip on the Alodine, will definitely look into it ... more »
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Mark, I tip my hat to you on the bike restoration, it's coming out great!!! Most people haven't a clue on how much work, time and effort is involved. I'm in the process restoring a 82 RM125 and I found something that helps preserve any aluminum that ... more »

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Thanks, it's getting close but my modern bikes and my God child's racing is keeping me busy. Trying to finish up the cylinder and porting. Changed the way the boost port ties in from the rear transfer which is odd why Suzuki did it that way and using ... more »

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1979 Yamaha MX100, couldn't kill that motor.