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New ‘22 KTM350SXF owner here. Coming off a lifetime of Yamaha bikes. First ride on the Orange bike, came in and the spokes were super loose. I bought a Fasst Spoke Torque wrench. Best purchase ever!!! Apparently I’ve been putting way too much “ugga ugga” ... more »

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During the qualifying on Peacock, they had an interview with Friese. Does he wear makeup?

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Justin and Justin get in an on track altercation in front of Justin

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Mark Burkhart. He was able to keep Jeff Ward behind him and Supermoto basically folded before he was ever really dethroned.

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Why hasn’t Honda updated this bike to fuel injection? It’s the only one in the fleet still using a carburetor. Bold, new graphics each year gets frustrating. Anyone on this forum have any “insider” news on if Honda will ever update or replace this model? ... more »

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Troy OH National (amateur day)……any year, haha.

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Ugh, I hear the frustration in all the typing here. I got lucky early (for once) and got a good “bounce”. Typically, I play until my thumbs are bleeding and still don’t lay down a good run, haha.

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I don’t know when Honda changed the carb on the CRF150R. They changed the “throw” of the accelerator pump around 2007-2009. My wife has a 2017 CRF150RB and it barely ran off the showroom floor. I bought the JD jet kit and put a fuel screw in it. It runs ... more »

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I hope to get some advice on the most “right thing” to do regarding storing bikes for the winter. I’ve heard of 2 schools of thought: stabilize (top off with treated fuel vs. drain the tank/carb). What is the best method? 1) Treat/fill with new gasoline ... more »

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Got mine as well

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Still no fuel injection for the 150R/150RB?!?!?!?!?! Thanks for nothing Honda. So, the only thing that they haven't put fuel injection on is their push mowers and their mini race bike. At one time, the 150R was ground breaking, now it's becoming a dinosaur with bold new graphics, haha!!!

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@Paul_Stembridge....thank you for the video. I have goosebumps everywhere. What a voice!!!!!!

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What about the 150R and 150RB? I know the 250/450 are fuel injected and now, so are their trail bikes but the 150R is missing. Am I missing something?

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In one of the Washougal Pit Bit photos, it shows a fuel can from ETS-RACING and is stated don't stand down wind of it. Maybe ML will chime in but what makes this stuff different from Renegade or VP?

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More importantly.........who's Honda Grom with the Yoshimura exhaust in the background? Daytona is a huge (YUGE...Trump) place. Definitely need to get around the pits/track/etc. That thing should at least have white plastic and a ProCircuit exhaust, ... more »

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Thanks everyone for their input so far. Bike setup is pretty fascinating. What pro riders can feel vs not feel is pretty incredible. Not too long ago, it was discovered that Febvre had the swingarm braced/gusseted. Chad Reed had to have it, but didn't ... more »

Added reply in a thread Team Yamaha (rider size comparison) 11/20/2017 5:40 AM In this interview, Travis says he wasn't allowed on the Suzuki test track with Carmichael, because "you might learn something". *not trying to prove right/wrong but Travis says they were teammates*.

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I meant Team Yamaha developing the new 2018 YZ450. It sucks Davi got hurt. To me (looking on as a fan) it would be harder to develop the bike with two different sized riders (Webb/Millsaps). Looking forward, with Barcia/Webb both having similar body ... more »

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I remember reading an interview with TP199 years ago talking about bike setup. He was frustrated that Team Suzuki had spent a considerable amount of time/money setting up their bike for a smaller rider (RC4). I am a fan of the sport and have ... more »

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