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"Somebody's gotta go back and get a shitload of dimes"
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Don't know how much my input will help you, but yes, I traded a 2007 CRF450 straight-up for another 2000 CR250R. I bought the 450 (used), and after riding it for a while, my son wanted my to keep riding my '00 250R. I didn't like riding the 450 either, ... more »

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When I was staying at my in-law's in Ocala every Winter, I would tow almost 2 hours each way to Dade for Thursday night practice and Saturday races each week. And I was living only 5 minutes from Hardrock... I've ridden a lot of places around the country, ... more »

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Next to a prepped Bremen (RIP King), Dade's night track is the best surface I've ever ridden. The perfect sand/clay mix. I hope to ride it again someday.

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Unfortunately, it seems that my furlough won't be ending anytime in the next few months, so it's time to start selling a few things off. I bought 2 when they were released, and this one stayed on a shelf in my basement unopened. I know they aren't rare,

... more »

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Barry Carsten gave me that tip at Dade City in 1998 & I found out in the 2nd moto that it definitely helps.

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Do a search on how to sideload an app. I have a friend that uses the stick & he was able to get it loaded no problem.

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I pay the $10 for ad-free Peacock to watch the Premier League now, so if they add it live each week to that service, I'll take it. The biggest issue is that they only show events on the streaming service that aren't being broadcast live on either NBCSN ... more »

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Same here. The owner of a small local bike shop turned me on to it when I bought a new pair of KX's in 1996. I've used it in every 2 stroke since & when I do the rebuilds, it always shows me how great the stuff is. Works great in my weed whacker ... more »

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I'm curious if they will just move all the Gold app content to their new Peacock streaming service. They did it this season with the Premier League matches, so I assumed they would do the same with SX.

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2 for me Dave. Younger than me and both were confirmed covid only. To the wives and young kids left behind it mattered a whole lot.

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Awesome! I always loved buying my kid new bikes (and guitars) more than I ever did for myself. He's 26 & I still love buying shit for him. Make sure to post an update. Your son is going to be a happy kid for sure...

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Thanks buddy. The pair of CR's mean so much to my son and I, that they will be the absolute last to go if I can help it. I really miss my job, so fingers crossed life can all get back to normal soon.

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Love seeing all of these. I planned on doing a ground-up resto on one of my 2000 CR250R's this winter. Unfortunately my industry (Corporate meetings and events) has been shut down since March. Being on furlough, I'm just hoping I still own them both ... more »

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My buddy had one and that description was spot-on. I was getting white knuckles just reading that & remembering my few rides on it.

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Age 30-38 for me. It was the 90's, my son and daughter were both racing pee-wees, and my wife was racing the women's class on a 125. I had my own business then, and money was rolling in, so we'd stay at her Dad's farm in Ocala from the end of December ... more »

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Probably a US broadcast question, but do you guys know if MX/SX will be shown on the Gold app for 2021? They moved the Premier League over to their new Peacock platform, and I really hope I don't have to buy a Gold sub in addition to this new one.

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All great points. There are a lot of guys at that level that won't be receptive to "the bike is fine, stop whining and go ride" style of leadership. They will end up blaming RD when things fail. (And btw, that's "Sir" Alex Ferguson to us mere mortals.) ... more »

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My son and I took my Mother-in-Law to 'dilla that year. Ever since, she always asks "How's the Panda doing this season?" Dungey had to really step it up to win that day, and we all became huge fans of DeSalle. I hope he has a great post MX life...

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My son and I are just waiting until our '00 CR's are legal. We've wanted to do the Unadilla vintage race for a few years, but they keep telling me '99 is the cutoff. Eventually they'll have to include them, right?