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Although the track was named after the famous battle, Antietam was not on the property where the battle took place. Budds Creek was probably closer to the War of 1812 as the British traveled up the Potomac to DC.

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Since JS7 is a Legend is it possible he could be riding for them?

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He's gotten some suspension help from PC and that's it. His bike was built from scratch the week before Hangtown to he had virtually no test time on it.

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Jonathan is a history major and has even lectured at local schools on US history. I'm sure he probably knows a little more about US history than someone from Finland.

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Everyone that finished in front of him last night was a factory based rider. Gannon rides for Kissimmee Motorsports and Legends and Hereos and he's proving to everyone that he's able to compete with these guys.

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Not from coming back too soon but from racing with an injury. I injured my knee early in the season and raced the rest of the year with a torn ACL and torn cartilage figuring I'd get it reconstructed at the end of the season. Little did I know the long ... more »

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You can usually view the archived Raceday Live shows online at a few days after the event. If you can wait until Friday I'll post a link to Gerrits interview on our site at

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It's a lot easier to build a custom sized tank out of aluminum than it is from plastic. Unless you need to make a large number of tanks the same size, just making the molds for plastic tanks would be as much effort as making the aluminum tank itself. ... more »

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He was just proving to the world that Ryans ball is fully inflated.

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I saw DC had mentioned that too but don't know what he's referring to. I'm involved in the Atl 2 retro event so I know there's one there.

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I have no idea if they're doing anything at A3 but the big Feld retro event is absolutely Atlanta 2.

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It's not smart to not wear safety equipment but RacerX isn't the safety police so why bitch at them?

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I'll take one in black with the porcupine head and some Marsachii forks to go with them.

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It rained a lot on Friday and the ground was already soaked before we got there.

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Who won the soccer game?

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The volume back in the early days of MX was wayyyyy worse. The first generation CR/RM/YZ's had ear piercing noise. I'm not sure if I've gotten used to the noise or I've lost my hearing but todays four strokes are bearable compared to the 70's.

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You should have stopped and chatted at the Legends and Heroes display. We had a great turnout and Denny Swarts signed autographs most of the afternoon. The two Maicos in your pictures were Denny's. He even had a picture of him on one of them at Mount ... more »

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I'll be there riding for team Kessler also. I spectated last year but am racing this time around.

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