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Pretty sure within this 146 page thread and over 4300 replies that exhaust were discussed, although I could be

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MPC motor sports in Roseville, Had a couple Husky's last weekend. There kinda dick heads over there when it comes to wanting to purchase a bike, almost like they don't want to sell any. My buddy went there cash in hand to buy a scoot, nobody helped him. ... more »

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Good folks at Fators, bought my 2020 FC350 a few months ago from them. I called them last week. They have a 2020 Husky 350fx there discounting 1k to move it and 450FX as well, not sure about orange.

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Same here, never any issues in the few years I've been using it. Bummer for others that it's not working well.

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Agreed^^^ 2k at best!

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Buddy of mine was at MMX last week. Tweaker chick relentlessly pursued him throughout the day asking him for tampons

He was very disturbed after the ordeal ... more »
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Holy F..K!. If things go bad, it goes really bad! Usually a video that long, I'm usually chopping the throttle around the 2 minute mark. I watched the whole thing. Wifey thought I was taking a knarly dump, I just kept saying ewwww, ahhh, holy shit! Dudes ... more »

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Sometimes the district (District 36) event will create it's own sandbaggers. Today I entered a GP race. Basically they combined all 3 tracks together, close to 6 minute lap times, fun as hell. Told them I normally race the expert class in most other ... more »

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Hmmm... I weigh 183 and went with the 47nm spring, same KYB kit as you. 48nm seems like it would be to soft for your weight. I wonder if the oversteer might be because of the soft spring for your weight? Anyway... great conversion, love them on my 2020 ... more »

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$6,999 OTD for a 2020 in Oregon.

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A few weeks late to the party

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Had both preferred the Chevy, plenty of room. It was quieter and rode better. Also a tad lower to the ground, made it easier for loading bikes. The Ford extended was just to long.

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Had a 17 CRF450. Fast, to much for me. It was a challenge to find consistency in comfort, and trust it from track to track. Mostly when the tracks got hard packed mid day, resulting in nasty square edge chop. Wasn't having much fun, sold it. Then bought ... more »

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60 years old, ride 60A class. Moto every weekend. You gotta give it a chance, both breaking it in, and adjusting your ride style a tad. I tried an 18 350 a couple years ago, and sold it after 4 hours. I was convinced I needed all the grunt of a 450.

... more »
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Email sent!

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Take some oil out. I can't remember how much, maybe 30cc's. My buddy has your same bike. His forks were just fair, he never really totally liked them, but they were ok. Once he took oil out, he says it's on par with some of his best dialed in forks on ... more »

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Twisted Development.

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I put one on my FC350. Runs cleaner, starts easier, no flameouts. A bit more torque, but don't expect anything mind blowing. Just a really clean running scoot. I run T4 and has FMF slip on.

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Haha, fair enough. I'm like you... schizophrenic when it comes time for a purchase

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I recently bought a 2020 FC350. Previous bike was a 19 Kawi 450. The fun factor of the 350 is off the hook! I'm now doing 30 minute motos consistently, and don't have arm pump at the end. This is the first time in many years of riding, that I can't wait ... more »