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No bueno with one hand. You need to be able to squeeze the side, then pull apart at the same time. Get

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Cell... 310-809-8014 Address... 2918 Ladoga Ave Long Beach, CA 90815 Hope this helps

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Same^^^ I'm 55, no running. I try to save my knees, for all the jumps I seem to case these day's. Mostly seat time, and core exercises, that's about it. P.S... I'm almost strictly moto, but am having more fun these day's than I can ever remember!

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Pay me now... or pay me later, as the old saying goes. If you buy from Amazon, you'll probably be calling JD for jetting specs. If you buy from JD, there excellent at giving you support, if you still need changes after what they have given you. I wouldn't

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Those FUCKERS!!! I hate thieves!!! I'm in NORCAL, and frequent all the riding places. I'll for sure keep eye out!

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Injection Engineering. Just my experience, not others. It took 6 weeks to get back, and 23 phone calls. I didn't feel any difference on how it ran. I'm sure others have had better luck. Maybe I just caught him at a bad time, IDK...

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I vote Vortex. I have one on my 13 CRF450. Lot's of adjustability, and able to dial in a bit better than a conventional ecu. But... $700 for Vortex vs $70 for a remap, which a lot of guy's have good setting's for. So... IDK

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Exactly^^^ That $1,200 included a set of almost new 2012 SSS complete fork set. Not bad at all for a conversion!

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Yep... what he said^^^ I'll agree. My 300 is now my trail bike. My 250 with a built motor is my race bike, and I'm an old dude

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Buddy of mine, just sent his out to TBT today, for his his 15 KTM 350.Total cost with all parts, and labor including shipping, will cost $1,200.00 He get's them back before next weekend, I'm sure he will post up.

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That^^^ My bike would likely over heat, if left idling for 30 minutes. Hopefully someone has some idea's for you.

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Maybe...Maybe not related, but here's what happened to mine. I never would have thought this could be the case, but it was. 2013 CRF450, did a topend. I went slightly higher on the compression, 13:1, barely noticeable. It was a bitch to start, 30 kicks

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Roughly... 6 - 8 weeks ago, my buddy was having similar issues, same bike. Ended up being something with the electrical harness, as a result of him messing around with the battery, and some rerouting that he was trying to get creative with. He brought ... more »

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Yep... What ML512 said about Silicon Valley^^^ I live here, and want out!!! Traffic congestion is getting out of control, most noticeably, the last 12-18 months. OK... that's my rant, continue

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This^^^ I just put some 2014 CRF 250 spring forks, on my CRF 450, and tried them today. Freaking fantastic feel! I was just tired of checking air pressure before each moto. The air forks actually worked good. I'm currently happy, although that changes

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Excellent!!! Thanks for the update. Glad your happy with the scoot. There's been a couple guys on Vital lately that were going to unload there Honda's, until they made the same mods you did... Now there keeping

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Monday... Don't forget!^^^ I'm a phone call away from doing the same thing as you, with the forks.

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Hmmm... Yea... Nicely said^^^

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You beat me too it

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Yep!!!^^^ Like they said... Graemes the man! Just make sure you have unlimited talk minutes on your phone