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I had N2Dirt do my valving, and I'm using there knuckle. They increased my rear spring by 3 rates stiffer. Surprisingly it works.

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Like my Vortex from Twisted on my Husky. Starts easier/quicker. Smoother all around. You'll loose the bar mounted traction control option.

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They seem content with this pecking

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Same^^^ Works great for me on all TV's and PC's

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Looks very familiar... you buy this locally in Norcal from Jay Vice?

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My buddies all ride like women, does that count? J/K... I raced a an off road event a while back, got passed by a couple chicks. I tried to catch them, but ended up in the toolies, as I couldn't ride there pace. Guess my buddies who ride like women,

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In addition to TD high quality mapping, you can send it back at anytime for a remap at no charge, if you find you still want something different. Well worth the $250 IMO!

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That's a fair price. My buddy sold his 2011 KTM 350 that had 200 hours for 3,600.00 a couple months ago. Prior to that he sold his 2012 KTM 350 with 185 hours for 4,200.00 For location reference, this was up in Norcal area.

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Damn... Sorry to hear! That whole journey sucks donkey

Glad you persevered and ended up with a new bike, enjoy!!!
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Highly likely (A), as I just went through that a couple weeks ago. Not only replace your pads, but clean and lightly sand your rotor. I did, and my front brake is back to working like new!

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Mav... once again with the hole-shot. Thanks for posting!

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Pretty sure within this 146 page thread and over 4300 replies that exhaust were discussed, although I could be

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MPC motor sports in Roseville, Had a couple Husky's last weekend. There kinda dick heads over there when it comes to wanting to purchase a bike, almost like they don't want to sell any. My buddy went there cash in hand to buy a scoot, nobody helped him. ... more »

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Good folks at Fators, bought my 2020 FC350 a few months ago from them. I called them last week. They have a 2020 Husky 350fx there discounting 1k to move it and 450FX as well, not sure about orange.

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Same here, never any issues in the few years I've been using it. Bummer for others that it's not working well.

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Agreed^^^ 2k at best!

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Buddy of mine was at MMX last week. Tweaker chick relentlessly pursued him throughout the day asking him for tampons

He was very disturbed after the ordeal ... more »
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Holy F..K!. If things go bad, it goes really bad! Usually a video that long, I'm usually chopping the throttle around the 2 minute mark. I watched the whole thing. Wifey thought I was taking a knarly dump, I just kept saying ewwww, ahhh, holy shit! Dudes ... more »

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Sometimes the district (District 36) event will create it's own sandbaggers. Today I entered a GP race. Basically they combined all 3 tracks together, close to 6 minute lap times, fun as hell. Told them I normally race the expert class in most other ... more »

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Hmmm... I weigh 183 and went with the 47nm spring, same KYB kit as you. 48nm seems like it would be to soft for your weight. I wonder if the oversteer might be because of the soft spring for your weight? Anyway... great conversion, love them on my 2020 ... more »