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There are some budget friendly boots that still offer comfort and protection. Step 1...look at where the boot is made. There are still some reasonably priced boots that come from Italian manufacturers. Designed in Italy and made in China is not the same. ... more »

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Windham or Musquin

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Woodsman Edition KTM
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Maybe he just wanted a change of scenery.

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the goggle manufacturer may have an exclusive distribution deal for your country. We sell some brands to dealers that can't be sold outside of the US because of that.

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Kevin Windham and Marvin Musquin never achieved a premiere class title but, both riders were runner-up in several seasons. Marvin still has a solid chance as still shows tremendous speed at most races. K-Dub achieved success in more seasons (so far) ... more »

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Thanks for sharing this! The bike turned out awesome.

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I think Marv sets his bike up for cornering first and whoops second. He's improved each of the years since entering the class. More times than not he's fastest in the rhythm lanes and he can hold the inside line better than any other rider in the class. ... more »

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This is my first fuel injected bike. I waited until the second model year because I was a little leery as well. About all the riding I've done was in the parking lot to break it in a little bit before changing out the ECU and installing a GET relocation ... more »

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I still have a few things to add but, it's coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to spring so i can try it out. 2019 KTM 250 XC-W TPI Dubya built wheels with Talon hubs and DID rims X-Trig Rocs triple clamp FMF Factory Fatty with Turbine ... more »
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When i still worked at a dealership we looked for racers that maintained a positive and professional image for themselves as well as their sponsors. In return we passed along special discounts we negotiated for preferred/team brands and offered oem parts ... more »

Liked a comment on the item Marvin Musquin: "That's the way it is and I move forward now..." 8/13/2018 5:18 AM

Marvin’s a class act, man. Shame on the French team for shunning arguably the best French rider at the moment, then being too afraid to state the real reason why he wasn’t picked.

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had to be some inspiration from the Craig's List Add of the Day posts

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Lining up arena's shouldn't be too big of a deal...Feld has very solid relationships with most arenas & stadiums due to their other large events: Disney on Ice, Monster Jam, Marvel Live & Sesame Street Live. My guess is there will be a significant ... more »

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I'd like a chance to hear the other side of the story when it comes to Matthes and Pourcel.I'm a big fan of Pourcel's riding style and the fact he's overcome a truly life altering crash to return to professional racing. For someone that's so private ... more »

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We need to get Hero building competitive MX bikes and get them into the series...Worldwide the motorcycle industry is doing's just terrible in the US right now until we shift our sales model of street bikes to more of a European model. More ... more »

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I'm not great at remembering years that things happened but, I'll never forget standing along the sand whoops the year RC4 was hitting 55mph through closest rider was in the mid-40's. Mid-2000's on a Suzuki...not sure they exact year. I'll ... more »

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I'm sorry to hear about your bike having issues. When I worked at a Honda dealer there was a form you filled out when a critical part(s) was holding up a service job. At the time it was filled out by the parts department and it helped expedite the parts. ... more »

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all dirt bikes or just competition models?

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Occupational therapy can work wonders...18 years ago i had a catastrophic injury to my thumb. After the surgery my doctor told me it would probably never work took a lot of therapy but it eventually regained 60% of motion which is more than ... more »