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he definitely marches to his own tune...I don't agree with some of the stuff he says, but I think he's a super nice guy. I met him at Rynoland during a Dirt Rider test, and he was awesome to be around. I would venture to guess that he is probably more ... more »

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They're referring to all of the virtue signaling social justice warriors that believe everyone should be sitting in their house. Go Eli....just got back from a bitchin' mtb ride myself....😎

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I hadn't even considered that; could make for some interesting negotiations, especially for anyone in a title chase who happens to be at the end of their contract. Which of the riders near the front are up this Fall?

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Any updates on Joel's health situation? Hope he's doing well....Everts too, for that matter.

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Insert comment about the US President....caveat remark with "the last thing I want to do is get into a heated political argument". Pretty lame....I can't stand Trudeau, but I don't post about him on Vital. And it always rubs me the wrong way when someone ... more »

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Nice virtue signaling... go Sumdood...ride on...

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Looks like KTM Group moved Luciano Benavides (Kevin's brother) over to Rockstar Husky to fill the 2nd spot: Probably a smart move, since ... more »

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Interesting article on the same website from a few months ago stating that Shorty had extended his Rockstar Husky contract through 2020: Could just be ... more »

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No doubt...the global economy is imploding, but I want my $40 back.....🧐

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I really like Thomas; he's a great kid, and obviously had crazy speed in the not so distant past. I think what's frustrating to fans (and probably leads to some of the rampant speculation like we see on Vital) is that he interviews and acts like everything ... more »

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I honestly saw TC's results and it just made me sad. Either he's still not fully fit after the bout with EBV, or his confidence was just ruined. He's better than that, but he's running out of time....

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The Youthstream thing with respect to the last two MXGPs (where very few spectators showed up) probably soured any future MXdN being scheduled there. Personally I think it would be amazing, but maybe it'll never happen. I do sure miss the national there... ... more »

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so the long list of injuries to your friend somehow "proves" guilt on JG's part? Bummed for your friend, but that seems like a bit of an emotional knee-jerk response, with very little in the way of objective proof. Maybe he did cause all of the carnage, ... more »

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Watching he and Roczen in person at Washougal last summer was eye-opening. Those guys are without a doubt the most precise, talented dudes in the US. Tomac was faster on the day, but Sexton and Roczen are absolute technicians....

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Well said...

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You lost me when you combined "really cool" and "YZ490" in the same sentence. I raced one, and I have no fond memories of that bike, other than when I sold it and bought a YZ250....😄

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take out that first phrase (which I don't agree with, although there are a ton of unknowns in medicine), and the rest of his post is pretty spot-on. The Alpinestars crew did the best they could in a dynamic situation. They love these riders like family... ... more »

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Did you guys know that RC is the Greatest of All Time???? I'd forgotten, but Ralph reminded me again last night....