They need to bring the BTS videos. I can not recall why or when they ceased but those were fine to see at least something. Livestreams replaced it basically, but they're also adding Livestream Roundups in RS gold form of a transcripts now. They are basically the BTS. Idk but something about the BTS videos seemed a bit more professional in my mind. The don't do it for me. Livestreams are much longer. They reveal more details (well, for RS3 anyway) on the designs and demos of those works. They're also able to do Q&A and interactive sessions with the players also. So there are a few positive factors for livestreams. For players who want bullet point style videos, then perhaps they enjoy the old BTS movies more.

Because RS3 is used to milk the playerbase for money whilst reinvesting as small as possible. If they told you what they have in store for you, you'd simply have more questions concerning why RuneScape gets so little why earning them a lot revenue.I would like to understand why there is so little - only the Morytania Expansion is completed in the OSRS side. Individuals within this subreddit generally think that RS3 is driving far more earnings than it actual is though.It makes more cash than osrs with a small percent of the playerbase. That doesn't matter too 13, regardless of how far it makes past.

I don't think that's true. Playerbase was somewhere between a 3:1 and 4:1 split within a year, well in OSRS's favor for quite a while. Lets give 3:1 participant disparity to them, or 75% of the subscription revenue, and move on the end. Even if we ignore that OSRS bonds exist and provide RS3 each one of the MTX revenue, this still brings the revenues to 50,739,879 OSRS into 41,549,375 RS3, and I left a few RS3 favorite assumptions in this investigation. Yet you can credit membership revenue to RuneScape people subscribe to perform. If individuals play with OSRS but not RS3 - which is a majority of subscribers then that is revenue from OSRS, even if it is pooled.

You can divide the revenue from subscriptions based on the percentage the participant plays with each game easily. This is similar to business 101. Just because a business is selling something that allows you to do multiple items (think Amazon prime, or RuneScape membership) does not mean they are not tracking which of the goods the customer is utilizing the most, and where that money should be attributed. I gave the MTX revenue all to RS3 so your next point is moot. I really am not sure this is the case. Whilst RS3 was on a downward tendency By 2017 to 2018 OSRS exploded in popularity. At this same time the MTX revenue dropped, so despite numerous more OSRS players to buy bonds and increase the OSRS market share of that category of earnings, the total pie fell because of RS3 stumbling.

OSRS staff is more competent in areas with a team size. Sucks to see from the RS3 aspect of things, but one match is treated nicely I guess. Only 1 of 3 Runefest Reveals has been delivered following 8+ months... do not tell me RS3 team should learn from this. I am not referring to that aspect, I am speaking from the group, which is actually the thread topic. I understand you will defend the RS3 team regardless of what, found it countless times out of you specifically, but you can't tell me that how we get shit conveyed to us is buy rs gold paypal nice.OSRS staff is more competent in areas with a team size
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