Might it be possible for you men to ask the communities that do the content once it comes to PvM polls? It's a little upsetting seeing the community blindly vote yes to a lot of those modifications for the Corrupted Gauntlet although there surely isn't yet been 50k men and women who've conquered it, particularly because I enjoy the present dynamic of the fight and I know a good deal of these updates will drastically alter the experience. It feels like I could be losing something I truly like (importantly I have taken the time to learn it rs gold paypal and grasp it on mobile so that I can play whenever I have time) for the sake of men and women who may never do this articles.

Is it also possible for a more difficult piece of PvM content, like a 3rd tier of the Gauntlet known as the Infinite Gauntlet to be released? Something with similar mechanics amped up to be harder than the Inferno that may introduce a brand new untradeable ranged glove known as the Infinite Gauntlet, with +14 ranged +2 prayer bonus, accuracy, and +3 ranged strength.

When do you plan on doing something? For a weapon that is only 500k and has such low conditions, yet can spec a 70+ with monster javelins it seems something shouldve been completed quite a while ago. The ballista is basically a godsword that may hit high 30's through prayer from a space. This is now a favorite weapon amongst clans, but maybe not pvp clans just rag clans(ballista clans) whose only reason for pking is dependent upon this just weapon and 2-3 tbers using spears, because who wants a freezer when u can only mass smite in rags while not worrying about losing anything precious. When you encounter group or a different clan of pkers? Spam click seed pod. In the event you get smited the ballista price 500k(under a gout tuber) so only go to the g.e buy another and return like nothing happened.

The issue doesnt lie at the stats, however, the simple fact that theres so many in RuneScape game, including pieces, the price is at value for a highly effective weapon. Its obvious that this is tied into gorillas being profitable and intensely farmed without any drops, though a fix to this is probably really late. Throwing axes rather than adding another melee pvp weapon wouldve been nice although I understand the reason behind the ballista was for a variety ko weapon, but adding something similar to morrigan javelins. Btw mm2 isnt that people will go with to justify everything. The pursuit was out for 4 years.

The debate for these not caring about the cost being so low is the fact that it shoots 800-1000 gp per shooter. Not that it is a great argument. The price doesn't matter as people that use it to use it so they do cheap RS gold not risk it. And individuals who risk balli to use ags or claws usually hazard over 1m in equipment so balli's low risk is not that bad. Do not forget that dbow strikes on minimum 16 damage too can strike higher with spec, and is comparable price to balli, and it whacks adequate although less damage.Is it also possible for a more difficult piece of PvM content
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