Any MMO launch is a large discharge by definition. MMOs would be the most costly and potentially most profitable kind of sport in the industry. However, they require the assistance also, both technically and in terms of pso2 sales publishing promotion. The simple fact that Sega views it as anything but important is just evidence of the tactical missteps in regards to PSO2 from the west.I type of would not be shocked if either were true.... We've (the west) been getting screwed for like 15-20 years using PSO. I started playing the first PC trials. After bailing however sega left around their trial servers for years and we only played with a version of the jp match. That was really amazing honestly. This was back in like. I'd believe anything when it comes to NA PSO.

If it gets delayed, Phantasy Star Online 2 is dead in the water. They stated Late May, and they've been hyping up their gonna inform us"REAL" Shortly. So I doubt their gonna delay it. Game has been out for close to a decade, NA is an afterthought now. It releases, if it is delayed the amount that they care the sum that you care when it releases. Now together with the way they're treating us... they basically have just thrown us a bone and walked away. They couldn't care less about us tbh. They understood a long time ago it was a match but still viable in the west. Simple as that. They have canceled Phantasy Star Online 2 double for the west... 10years after they finally do it. It imo. I really like PSO... but it is pretty clear Sega doesn't care for us at all.I recommend ya'll try PSO2

I am a long time lurker of this subreddit and I wanted to say how much fun I'm having with PSO2 in my Xbox one. I'm a WoW Phantasy Star Online 2 participant and I play with FFXIV on occasion. PSO2 is a brand new game I just picked up and it's been so much pleasure and also a breath of fresh air in this genre. If you prefer Action MMORPGS please give this a try. I believe it is coming out within the next week to get PC users but in case you've got an Xbox one you should be able to play with it today for free.

I was also a big fan of PSU (Phantasy Star Universe) back in the afternoon before Sega turned off the servers several ages ago. I think I must level 140 that was level in the time and had sunk into that match. PSO2 is very like it and feels just like a direct upgrade in every way. Just wanted to give some hope that there are still very good MMO's coming out and I'm glad Sega realizes that there is a western audience because of their names. have you tried PSO2 yet and what are your opinions on it?

NA only? I discovered SEGA forgot that Europe exists, is it true? It is not region locked, although it is releasing in NA only. From what I have been hearing, the in mission gameplay is a p2p or largely client side system, while the most important ship is chiefly serverside, so gameplay isn't that bad. I can't say for sure. So far there's been no news out of NA.There is a cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta region lock, in that you can not directly buy microtransactions if you are outside of NA, and will need to buy US gift cards from outside vendors.
'm a WoW Phantasy Star Online 2 participant and I play with FFXIV on occasion
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