I've never played with any other pso match, therefore I'm not sure how it PSO2 Meseta compares, but it feels like they designed Pso2 to be overly modularly instanced from the get go and this type of system doesn't lend itself well to an incorporated linear storyline. It is weird though since they do have scripted events happen within quests, so it seems like they could have readily made Story Quests which take Expeditions and have them trigger cut scenes as you go through the map, just then call those Story Quests instead of having them all separated. Whatever the case, I totally hate the present system and it has actually slowed down my play of pso2 as I'm not interested in playing just for the purpose of leveling up my personality, without the story being important to the drama I don't feel as though there is a reason behind my own attempts.

Personally I really dislike the writing, making it even harder to slog though a menu driven narrative, but I feel like it would still get me into the match, even though I didn't like the writing, if it was better integrated. Without some narrative cohesion everything feels like chores that serve no function in influencing the world. The Role Play facet is made into desktop fodder. It's disappointing because originally I thought it was an intriguing world based on which I played with in the closed beta, but then I got beyond the guided part and it's only all menus and endless map runs. Is that typical of a PS game? It's really turned me off.

It's typical of PSO2 it seems. The older Phantasy Star games have been traditional JRPGs (for the large part. The managed dungeons relatively uniquely to the time frame ), so if you're into these things they are reasonably enjoyable. And amusing enough PSO1 did exactly what you're suggesting, so that you may see why this implementation is bothersome when they already had it figured out. This was a weird step for them even considering it's initial implementation, as seemingly parts of it was closer to that. You'd do a couple of meaningless Kill X Collect Y quests, then it would"Unlock" a story scene that would then spawn on a degree as a floating tag that played with the scene in question.

The biggest issue was that as you have seen, many of these scenes really are tiny, and not only were they separated by many"Missions" (Which needed to be done in order, one at a time, so new quests for each), but even if you had multiple associated scenes unlocked, the match just spawned one at a time. That means you'd need to select the assignment again to see the next scene. For creating a narrative that is nicely integrated Each of the elements already exist within the code. They're just not using them.

A Fast and dirty guide for collecting in buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta PSO2
A Fast and dirty guide for collecting in PSO2
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