So does 2k. Even though they add a Mut 21 coins whole lot, Madden is actually enjoyable when you're playing by yourself. And in 2k20 that you can just make a player that can shoot, dribble, pass, defend, and finish, then sim a year and in offline mode he'll be OP another year in case you don't go all out and boost him up where it's not any fun, and the transactions are not as obnoxious as they used to be.

But in Madden? You can have so much fun in that match, I have 15 around 360 and that I still think that is one of the greatest games I have. Due to how well you're able to play from the pocket very similar to TDBarrett I need 20. 2k20 though is rather boring offline since there's no motive, the season is 82 games long and if you wanna play realistically you can 12 minutes quarters and fall off a staff 82 times by 30 points or so. To me that's too much effort, and no"that you can just reduce the season games" well I can not break player or team documents. Like with this Giannis/Draymond Green participant I made at 91 overall I don't want him to be shooting like Curry, defending like Green, and scoring such as Giannis in the start of his profession.

While in Madden there's more things to do in a game, like you say it's ass but everything you can do in NBA 2K20 is shoot, dunk, catch a lob, steal the ball, rebound, and obstruct the shit outta someone because that's all of the stats and skills. And at Madden catching alleys isn't anything special anymore like it was in the prior ones. And dunking on somebody can occur any moment with particular players because Madden shows favoritism to guys like Giannis and LeBron who are the ones that dip people. Except for in Myteam once you get anyone who can dip in actual life fostered up in which they bodying dudes every time they push, now that shit is dumb.

Now 2k20 is fine, personally I preferred 2k18 (the bigs were OP regardless of who they was, Dirk could grab 16 planks, block 5-6 dudes any night and take the net off) offline and I never grabbed 19. And they be coming out with those 30 GB upgrades that if your net sucks you're fucked.

You can't cheese in 2k just like you can in madden. Anyone that has played both madden 20 and 2k20 will know just what I mean by this. The exact same 3 plays offense and defense in madden will get up you to 50+ pt blow out or a 3 pt reduction based on who you play. In 2k the cheese comes out of a giannis and it's stoppable with the right defensive settings. Thank god for scott OG along with his team, that guy has saved the entire 2k franchise out of a full out player base riot.

I'm going to disagree. Overall Madden isn't riddled with micro trades, is not as heavy handed with ads, you can fall into a fast game online without having to go through a terrible park system were you need to wait forever to enter a game. Online the neighborhood isn't filled with people who simply spam one set of actions to attempt to trigger an advantageous animation, equip specific cartoons to get an advantage(to the point where the community clamored to get it removed from the match ), or a particular team comp that is winning over 50% of its matches. Folks here are whining about how madden uses exactly the very same animations for decades now, yet 2k has literally ripped the whole neighborhood from the Buy Madden 21 coins last couple years and pasted it into each successive game.

While in Madden there's more things to do in a game
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