In Madden, there is no story there, regardless of sense for what this team is, compared to the Cowboy's who pay 1/2M on a 10 year contract for PSL's. When compared with the sweltering sense of Tampa at a September or Green Bay at a WC card game - when it is ZERO outside and debris and garbage are Madden nfl 20 coins blowing over the end zone. The NFL has 32 different cultures, 32 histories that are amazing, and this story should be told in an innovative 3D manner by Madden.

The NFL is also a game that is violent this has been sanitized. In real life, some hits you can hear in the second deck. This has never happened in a Madden game. Sometimes the commentators go,"OMG, did you see?" "This seems very severe." Players ought to be increasing the thumbs up. Or have their hand's within their face because of their despair and dread. Crowds should provide O's standing. It occurs in real life in every game but the manner. There should be some calls, with all the commentators calling them out. Going to league office, make it REAL.

Real-time participant tales should be reflected by commentary, Mahomes came back from a dislocated knee cap and won the Super Bowl. Not mentioned once. Commentary is off kilter into the stores on the field and lazy. NBA2K has incredible audience scenes amazing commentary and commenters, the ESPN 2K soccer game had halftime highlights and commentary. But we are stuck with"2 fake NFL analyst" subbing the name sakes of Madden and Summerall, Collingsworth and Michaels on and on.

When you perform a video football game, you pretend you are part player, part Coach, and possibly, part owner, and Madden has behaved like a normal corporation (who owns the football platform) dictating to its customers what EA decides to deliver, instead of responding and listening to what the paying customers are demanding for decades. A wonderful case in point is the timing of Madden 20 NFL. Madden needs to launch Madden 20 NFL around the draft, and then keep it fresh with downloads and upgrades.

Madden also needs to let its users personalize uniforms, since this keeps Madden 20 NFL fresh, especially. So let the user be creative and provide it is staff the uni it always desired (College soccer figured this out a long time ago) - but as I mentioned, EA wishes to please the NFL over its paying clients. Seriously, if I wish to make a retro appearance uniform to the Patriots - what difference does it make to you? I compensated for Madden 20 NFL, so why do you care? It was allowed for by soccer matches, and it was fun. Like a great deal of gamers, NCAA Football was adored by cheap Mut 20 coins me also, since it was fun. The comment was SUPERIOR. What I want to see would be EA's CEO say -"We must change Madden, because we owe it to those gamers to provide them something absolutely amazing" and we have not.

Madden also needs to let its users personalize uniforms
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